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EmbraceLifeMedia was created to educate and bring awareness on the power of entrepreneurship in this modern day world. We also conduct inspirational interviews in hopes to encourage you to embrace life no matter the challenge.

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Karli Butler is a remarkable woman!!! She's a victim to an acid attack!! But that didn't stop her!! She kept going and now bringing inspiration to the world!!! Tune in to hear her story

Authors Hank Bullard and Jaquiez Douglas wrote this book! what's your take on it? Tune in and share your opinion!! We're also giving away a copy of the book on the show!! So DONT Miss IT!! Make sure to vote on our... more

A highly gifted Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Teacher, Philanthropist, Radio Show Host and Author Cedric Penn!!! He went from being broke to a Million dollars a year, working from home!!!! Find out how!!!

It's important to start this wonderful year off with love. Until you love yourself, no one will love you. Until you understand what love is...you'll never find it. What better person to speak on love than the voice of "The Daily Love," Mastin Kipp?... more

This show is for all of the young girls and women who were molested. It may have killed your spirit but not your soul. NOW is the time to forgive and set yourself free. 2011 is the year to let go of the shame, guilt, depression,... more

Jasmine Mans youtube "Nicki Minaj" has over 200,000 hits!! Is she speaking truth on Nicki or hating? FInd out tonight!! Also, you can check Jasmine out on the Monique Show very soon. Follow her on twitter @JasmineMans

What we thought of For Colored Girls

Stop the gay bashing. Tune in as you hear XemVanAdam's coming out story and why you should come out as well. Also, the NoH8 campaign will be in the building

Tune in and listen to Daddy's Girls...Rev Run's daughters Cohost Ashley/Lady Complex, follow her on twitter @ladycomplex

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