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Music-Activism-News as we have our Hip Hop Workshop Wrap up which feat.A National Domestic Violence advocate,A author,Commercial Radio Dj,and more come out to Cleveland State Univ.to teach life lessons-The Nfl is fleecing the... more

it's a movement when ya boy got time to chop it up with you!!! playing the hits on the roster... hosted by emaxxtheemijj, the spot is here, the show is hot and the music is right...646-478-0944 is the hotline...press 1 to talk... think you can hack... more

These days, people are losing their ufkin minds... income tax returns have people driving faster than the ones who are late...it's high time we start to READ!!! while you're listening to a dick gregory video on you yube, take down some info and... more

Music-Activism-News The people chase down a Cleveland Union head from his meeting through out the city(but what happened)?Why was the CPD Union so hurt?The City of a major American population finally punish police(but what does... more

Music-Activism-News as we break down a tale of 2 prosecutors running for office&the community likes neither 1!!Getting a College together for BBCI Hip Hop Workhop where you can attend for free-A Power Company is taking advantage... more

there are only a handful of guys who want to deal with oes... you know who you are if you only answer your phone in the middle of the night...or while you're at work...the ones who say they love you but you can't catch them after 5...she set... more

Music,Activism,news-Cityhall is stealing out of it's citizen's pockets,but the residents are striking back-Pastor's are calling out people for not voting,but should they vote?Inner City Republican Movement Honor's Dr.Rev.Martin... more

Music-Activism-News-Platinum artist gives great advice at a College Campus&keeps it real in front of Fox News-An on air Talk show host turns 103 years young&invites M.A.N.in the Street live in the studio to celebrate... more

Music-Activism-News-12 year shot by the Police&killed is failed by the Prosecutor(We will break this down as well as how the Prosecutor's failing has badly had his life affected by his stupid decision)We talk about actually being on... more

This week-M.A.N.in the Street has to stand besides a Man&his family(Black Family)who had a gun drawn on them&the N/Word used before police arrived to talk to the Arab gas station owners(After all the political attacks on... more