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Elvis This Week: In Harm's Way

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Willow's anti-gay rants, Bristol dancing with the stars and Ma and Pa showing off Alaska. Sarah Palins Alaska. Didn't she quit as governor? No fair pay for women is still in vogue! GOP killed it. No so merry christmas for the unemployed? No benefits for you Mr! Social Security Judges receive threats. Patriotic millionaires say let the tax cuts expire! Real americans! Steel under fire? It is about time! What is the GOP trying prove? Jim Swilly, mega church pastor comes out. Who knew? Social conservatives are hitting back! GOP versus Tea Party. Tea Party says if Boehner thinks he is going to kill the Congressional Ethics Office, he had better think about it because it might make them upset. Poison vote. GOP between the rock and hard place (See politicalfastfood.blaogspot.com. Charlie Rangel guilty!! Dreams Act is back. I am here legally. What do I get? Spoke about it earlier this year. Human head found in bucket down in Miami. A Connecticut prisoner convicted of killing a 14-year-old boy on a bike is suing the victim's parents for negligence. Well we are going to see more of it and you are going to be surprised! Again. Hundreds of pictures from scanners find thier way to the internet! Zahra Baker dismembered in NC. What you missed in the news that make you go,"What the Bleep"!All of us should be a mixed bag. On some subjects you should be conservative. Some you should be liberal. And finally on some you should be progressive. Make politicians work for your vote and nobody gets a free pass. Why buy a cow if the milk is free? Well some people are saying just pull that cow on up! Let Nothing or Nobody take you for granted. If you do not have time to do it during the week, tune in and listen. Join The Huns as we wipe out falsehood and attack with enlighted reason. You can't talk about it work but you can talk about it here. When it is time, you will know what to do!