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This show is designed to help people that may be struggling with self. We use techniques such as metaphysics, astrology, tarot reading's, quantum physics and Chakra systems to help people gain their spirituality. Returning back within is our main goal.

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Another plane is missing. North Korea wants to attack America . Sony was hacked. The Police is still murdering people. The President is turning grey. What is really going on. Are we in the mist of World War 3 or just some more BS? Either way we should prepare just in case. We should pay attention as of were they may strike next. It has been stated that California may be a target. Can we trust the Government when they state not to worry everything is under control?
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Have you ever thought about as of why certain people are in your life? Have you ever wondered why you chose your profession/career ? What does it all mean metaphysically? Everything that we choose to do, from the clothes we wear, the... more

It's very important to know your history. However with all these different concepts or stories, how can we trust anything about our history or culture? How many of you have paid for a DNA Test? How many people have paid Ancestry.com... more

For mature adults only type show. What are the benefits of oral sex, penetration of the male parts which include his finger? Should we engage in such acts and does it do anything for the spirit? Is it unhealthy to masterbate? How many... more

When the love fades away, why do we stay? Do we stay because of the kids? Do we stay because its cheaper to keep her or him? Do we stay because of time? Can a person feel when someone is falling out of love with them? How much of... more

The more we awaken some of us begin to realize just how backwards we are moving. Funny how so many of our brutha's and sistar's tear down each other and assume things about what some one is or isn't doing for the upliftment of our... more

Why do we catch feelings behind those that we sleep with? Can just a touch or a kiss mean so much more on a spiritual level? How important is it to understand DNA? Can we really carry the DNA of a person for life if so how? Can... more

How important is sex in a marriage? How spiritual is the act of intercourse with someone that you love? Do most married couples that can't stand one another still enjoy the act of sex? Is it mandatory to have sex whenever, where ever... more

America are you ready for the Conscious Community that's on the uprising? Recently the Police Officer that murder Eric Gardner was not indicted. Are they doing this on purpose? Is it time for the Conscious Community to take the lead?... more

As the New Year approaches and 2014 come to a close, we thought we would reflect on our lives as we travel life's journey. We have seen many changes and we have seen some things remain the same. This year has challenged us in... more

As African people should we celebrate marriage like everyone else or should everything be spiritual without all the paper work?Which would you prefer a marriage that is based on connecting with someone spiritually, mentally and... more