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This show is designed to help people that may be struggling with self. We use techniques such as metaphysics, astrology, tarot reading's, quantum physics and Chakra systems to help people gain their spirituality. Returning back within is our main goal.

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How come we can't just live and enjoy life? Why does everything have to be judged or coonery if you enjoy other races, travel to other countries besides Africa or might enjoy rocking purple weave? Whatever you choose to do, it's your right to live your life the way you want to. So why do so many conscious people complain and argue about everything outside of Kemet?
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Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was born near Birán, Cuba, in 1926. Beginning in 1958 Castro and his forces began a campaign of guerrilla warfare which led to the overthrow of the dictator. As the country's new leader, Castro... more

''In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon it will all erupt and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins. The 'Black Awakening' will occur! For them, those who served this long cold secret it has to, its the only way... more

Don't let your President get your ass whooped! So it takes Donald Trump to win for racist people to show their true color (s)?

Elovation Radio's first event Dec 10. Please tune in for details.

Awakening the Black God within. God is a force and energy. God is in every natural detail. How do we tune in and reach GOD from within?

The aftermath, Trump is President, why are so many flipping out? Could Trump have a financial plan that just might put America back in shape? Is he really racist if so why or why not?

Pennsylvania man charged after his partner kills their 17-month-old son and texts video of the boy's body. Was he in the blame as well? Was she suffering from mental issues? When are we to seek proffesional help for loved ones when they... more

Why are we so brainwashed in believing that a piece of paper can change everything for us? Why do we change who we arr just to fit with the degree? Is it all apart of somebody elses illusion?

Family how will you prepare and what should we do next. Countries do not want to trade with us any longer. Should we stack up on food for three months being that something may pop off? If Hilary wins what does that mean for us?... more