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This show is designed to help people that may be struggling with self. We use techniques such as metaphysics, astrology, tarot reading's, quantum physics and Chakra systems to help people gain their spirituality. Returning back within is our main goal.

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Tonight on The Gettin It In Show @ 10 pm est. Mis-Treated. All of the stereotypes about Black Women from their own men. Tonight we're going to discuss the so called angry Black Women Syndrome and the struggles we've been going through to gain this so called title created by white society and programmed in our minds. Call in (347) 857-1166
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Crystals have become very popular within the past few years. ?However, crystal healing does not deal primarily with specific conditions. Being a holistic system, it addresses dis-ease on more subtle levels, often bringing to light the underlying... more

The Queen Me Show: Part 3: The People's Black Panther Party. Saturday @ 12 pm est. Join us and our special guest as we discuss the New Black Panther Party. Who are the New Black Panther Party? What are they really about? What... more

Elovation Radio Present's: Young Pharaoh " Why Black Women & Black Men Don't Respect One Another. Tonight @ 10 pm est. Call in (347) 857-1166

The King Me Show Presents: The Time Is Now! w/ special guest Young Pharaoh. Join us July 21st @ 10 pm est. Call in (347) 857-1166. Family be prepared to fast for 7 days. Take notes and please watch the youtube clip to prepare you for... more

Birthmarks are considered as indications for reincarnation. Researcher Ian Stevenson found numerous examples of birthmark cases. In one such case, as documented by Stevenson, an Indian boy was born without fingers. He later... more

The term ?witch? appears to have been attached by the Christians who were persecuting the old ways on behalf of the new ones. Whether you think the word ?witch? stems from a far older time it wasn't what it was called by those that... more

African metaphysical psychology is the science of understanding the nature of the mind from an indigenous perspective in effort to teach one how to access divinity dormant within. Through understanding the nature of the mind one understand... more

Protesting, praying and complaining. Not the solution. Time to take back our neighborhoods and do for self. Tune in

When it comes to the US government covering up UFO's/ aliens what are we to believe? Ever since the incident in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, they've covered up the existence of aliens among us.Consider the comments of... more

Join us July 5th @ 10 pm est. The Gettin It In Show Present's: The General Sara Suten Seti and Young Pharaoh " The Black Side or No Side ". This will be a 3 hr show. Call in (347) 857-1166.