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Hello I am here to help you with all of life's "ups and downs!" As a Clinical Social Worker, recruiter and writer, I have worked with all types of clients and issues. From the everyday work/life concerns, to where to find the best bargains, to assisting in crisis situations I am here for you. I provide business/career/relationship coaching, motivational group seminars, wellness counseling. I speak in a direct but comedic style aiming to help as many people as possible help themselves and become more self sufficient in any and all areas of their lives! Press the button, we are going UP in the Ellievator!

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Spring, a time for holidays, diet detoxing and "Spring cleaning"- tips on how to naturally clean your home or office and organize it for the new season..

opposite of "speed dating"- really getting to know someone, no numbers game- quality vs quantity

great date ideas, outdoor dates, how to present yourself, dressing, eco- friendly dating

Guide to writing online dating profiles, be in love with yourself on valentine's day and every day! funny dating ideas, vday dishes and recipies
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