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SCANDAL is a hot television program staring Kerry Washington and a host of other celebrities. The storylines definately keep your attention and the episodes are emotional, hot, and scandalous!!! Chime in to today's program and... more

Santa's sleigh is packed and it's Christmas eve. With today's show Theresa recalls great times of present and past about Christmas time in Chicago.

"12 Years a Slave" is the story of Solomon Northup and how he became enslaved in the spring of 1841 after being a free man. The book of his story, which is considered an autobiography, was written in March of 1968 and contains 312... more

On 11/17/13 tornados touched down in the Chicagoland area. Although tornados have appeared in Chicago in past years, Theresa Banks talks about their closeness to the streets in which she lives. Tune in for today's program to find... more

Min Louis Farrakhan speaks often in the Chicagoland area and made an appearance during a Speaker Series held at the St Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago. Author Theresa Banks decided to pay a visit to the church to hear the... more

Chicago violence has been thrust into the national spotlight over the past few months with the death of Hadiye Pendleton. However, the truth is violence has been comitted against Chicago youth for years. With this segment... more

IMPORTANT WARNING: when callers dial into a blogtalkradio program on the day and time of recording, the host is able to see the full 10 digit phone number used. Please be advised, THIS program will be discussed during a LIVE... more

Theresa Banks has set her new year's resolutions. Have you set yours? Dial in to today's program and share what your goals will be in 2013. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Each day in America one may be called for Jury Duty and author Theresa Banks has now been called to serve twice. With today's program she explains what the process is like, and the full experience.

Some call it gaming and others call it gambling. Tune in to today's show to hear Theresa Banks talk about when one truly is just gaming and having fun vs when they have crossed the line and may actually have a gambling problem.