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This question was asked by other Blog Talk Radio program today. During this show, our HOST Elijah'Isaiah X called into this show to speak TRUTH to Power on this subject. During the host conversation and profound statement... more

From The Executive desk of, "The Elijah Isaiah Talk Show". I know we are suppose to wake up every morning with a Positive Mental Attitude. And I Thank GOD for this blessing. But how can we all have a Good outlook on life... more

On today's program, we will discuss "Racism In America" Alive and In Color. Up for discussion is the recent incidents at Wild Wings in Charleston, South Carolina to the young honor student in Bloomington, ILL that was BEAT DOWN by the... more

JAWAR is a Keynote Motivational Speaking Expert, Author & Business Consultant. He speaks and consults on personal achievement & self-motivation, self-publishing your own book, social media & internet marketing and the music... more

From The Executive desk of, The Elijah Isaiah Talk Show". On today's show, we will discuss some Politics, Business, the Economy, Personal Credit, and so much more. With the toxic stream coming out of Washington, the time to get YOUR... more

This is going to be a Open Mic Tuesday program. We will talk about anything and everything that comes to mind of the Host and our audiences. Some of the things the Mr. X will discuss is what he DOESN'T like in the Obamacare Plan... more

From the Executive desk of, "The Elijah Isaiah Talk Show". Today, we are going to discuss the State of the economy of these so called United States of America. Our host, Elijah Isaiah X will discuss why it's vital that we start a business,... more

We did not get a chance to speak on the TPP Trade Agreement today, but will discuss this issue on tomorrow's program. My co-host Shirley Shepard talk about her projects with Legally In Order, the problem of the Black Community, and... more

On today's program we will visit one of our host favorite explanation of Habarrak 2:3 by the great Paula White. If you are not where you want to be in life, could it be the lack of setting goals? We just finished the series, "Living An... more