e-Keith, aka elijah1757 - Aviation Harassment Associated w/Org. Stalking, Pt 2-b

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Aviation Harassment Associated with Organized Stalking - 11:00 pm ET (Part 2b: Following technical difficulty on previous broadcast) •—• •—• More on the topic of organized stalking and electronic harassment with a broadcast emphasizing aviation harassment, aka air stalking. I have hundreds of photos of low flyovers by commercial comuter aircraft, commercial freight, private prop-driven, private and corporate jet, military transport, tankers, recon; attack, transport and cargo helicopters. •—• •—• http://elijah1757.wordpress.com and http://uncontrolledopposition.com.

In addition to these, I have a number of videos recording extremely loud, night-time, low flying UPS planes leaving Louisville Intl, home of a major UPS shipping hub. I hope to take this audio recording and produce a video with a number of these photographs.

If you are aware of the increased persecution and targeting of individuals in society by this organized network of criminal gang stalkers, I hope you'll listen in and share this information with others.

For more information, please visit my websites at:http://elijah1757.wordpress.com and http://uncontrolledopposition.com.

If you are financially able to contribute to the support of my efforts to expose 'crimes against humanity' and end-time deceptions, your donation, however modest, is valuable beyond measure.

Thank you,

Keith Kampschaefer