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Elevate The Soul

Elevate The Soul


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(WETS) We Elevate The Soul is directed towards preparing the village for transformative and sustainable change. We believe that our true work is to focus inwardly and encourage others to consider and work through the care of their self through soulfulness and self-knowledge, awareness of their gifts, the impacts of their wounds and fears, the role of illusion, separation, distraction and ignorance. If transformation is to really take root and provide for additional justice against all forms of self oppression we believe that we can find peace in hearing from another’s experiences and spending our own personal time in solitude and reflection. Our lives resemble a Mobius Strip (reflecting both the inner and public self intertwined) and often times the Ego wants to control. The truth will set you free.

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AFTER 1ST 3 MIN-30 SECONDS SILENCE: EDITED VERSION http://www.koigroup.com/wetb/elevate-the-soul/elevate-the-soul-full-broadcast-listing/ Is the objective to win a single battle or win the war? Are we eradicating... more

I am honored to have a daughter, be married to the daughter of another, and share the life experiences of my daughter’s daughter, daughter in-law, and the day-to-day contact with so many other daughters – who we tend in the positive... more

Several problems are associated with the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves manifesting themselves n terms of identity crisis, poor self esteem and lack of purpose that are further complicated by the perception of overwhelming... more

Wars, rumors of wars, home foreclosures, unemployment, violence, power struggles, social, economic, political, racism and cultural decay…what’s going on? As we hear and experience the spiral down of our current civilization, is there... more

Nothing exists in isolation in this world. Everything is connected. The effects of climate change are and will be experienced unevenly around the globe. Despite contributing little to global warming, it is the most vulnerable people that already... more

You may have been asked this question, or often wondered yourself. Did racism start with African people or were they the first to experience slavery and savagery? How are people seeing racism post the Obama election? What about... more

Sometimes I think it is a natural part of American culture to wait until there is a problem to come together to address it or treat it when it perhaps could have been dealt with through prevention and education. Regardless of whether it is a fire,... more

Each second we each grow older. It is certain that we will join those who preceded us and leave behind legacies for those who follow. In honor of Older Adults month we wanted to take a moment to honor those who are considered... more

In the midst of our current economic woes, the spiraling down of our economies, the rhetoric thrown around about socialism, fascism, liberalism and conservatism; not to mention conservatism, extremism, and the notion that many define... more

Over the past year we have discussed topics on forms of human, social, political, physical, environmental, financial, cultural and spiritual capital; capitalism, racism,food deserts, health, and a host of other issues. My Spirit quickens as I... more
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