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(WETS) We Elevate The Soul is directed towards preparing the village for transformative and sustainable change. We believe that our true work is to focus inwardly and encourage others to consider and work through the care of their self through soulfulness and self-knowledge, awareness of their gifts, the impacts of their wounds and fears, the role of illusion, separation, distraction and ignorance. If transformation is to really take root and provide for additional justice against all forms of self oppression we believe that we can find peace in hearing from another’s experiences and spending our own personal time in solitude and reflection. Our lives resemble a Mobius Strip (reflecting both the inner and public self intertwined) and often times the Ego wants to control. The truth will set you free.

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Exploring pages 42-43 and potentially intro to page 44. Come to understand critical answers to questions of why, how and what. The New Essenes is a gathering of ordinary people practicing deep introspection as a way to solve everyday problems. Our inquiry is based on the idea that language is alive and that the Word is where our Power lives: since speech is an act, communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done. By joining in and coming back, we increasingly benefit from the distilled essence of an ultimate method of inquiry, based on Sacred Geometry and known as the Path of XPR. Our meetings last one-hour & are structured as follows: 1. The first 5 minutes: Welcoming, Checking In. One Minute of Silence. 2. The next 10 minutes: Reading the SIX UnderStandings, Reading of the FOUR Forces & the FOUR Motions. The TWIN Missions: XPR & emPowering NOW, Feeling into the TWIN QKode. 3. The last 45 minutes: Introduction of a topic. Group Sharing & Inquiry, Reading of the SIX XPR Steps, Summary / Ritual Closing. To receive your free eBook sign up via Open Meetings Tab at http://www.empoweringnow.com/new_essenes/ - Don't forget to check the calendar for upcoming shows. You can also visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/empoweringnow for other shows focusing on The New Essenes.
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Over the past few weeks we have been investing time discussing different forms of capital. The premise was that if the only capital you value is financial…then you are already broke (segmented). The discussion really began when I further... more

WE ARE BACK!!! - Money alone doesn’t ensure happiness. What we call money is only a medium of exchange for goods and services. It replaced barter systems of old because it became impractical to carry around exchangeable... more

We are so saturated, disconnected, and continually reminded of and focused upon a social construct "race" and the practice of "racism" that we lose site of our "hue-manity" and the purpose and source of light we bring. As we continue the... more

As we circle in we must also circle out and in those movements we interact with the natural world. It is within that vibration that a culture is developed, defined, projected and subjected. As long as we live in the natural world we cannot... more

Challenging Our Own Segmentation Are you enjoying the expansion of your desires…”and you shall have dominion over all things…”yet do you have dominion of your physical and nonphysical self? You were sent to create…that all... more

We can dedicate ourselves to defining and redefining the problem, focusing only on the negative, or commit ourselves to collective action to address the spiritual and societal ills that many of us share in common on a day-to-day basis. When... more

Our goal is not to tell you what to believe or what to do. We simply think that a better quality of knowing produces a better quality of me and you. We have had the honor and privilege over the past 22 shows of conveying and... more

Folk, you don't want to armchair this one! The health industry and it's $500 Billion profits have vested interest in keeping you confused causing fear and many people missing the point as the public is held hostage. It has been reported that... more

Dr. Christopher Johnson writes: "The messages in Hip Hop, and all forms of popular music existing within the America project can expect to be affected and for the most part controlled by corporate machinery. In fact, it is the will of the... more

President Obama spoke of the absence of fathers (AWOL) in the home and limited to minimal engagement that occurs. Bill O’Reilly was adamant in his conversations with Dr. Mark Lamont Hill that the problem was strictly behavioral... more
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