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Rev Newton



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“We spend so much time questioning each other's commitment to our Father God and so much time fighting over man-made rules and laws that we forget about those people who are lost and hurting. We forget to do God' real work—ministering to those who are hungry for His word and His truths to come into their lives. We are commissioned to spend our time ministering to God’s children—rather than trying to improve our status in His eyes or to impress one another. Don’t waste this chance to get to know Jesus the Christ who is in your midst at this very moment.”

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We all have an invitation, one child at a time, to come to the Father through Jesus the Christ and to be partakers of His incredible love. Jesus has come to make his Father known to us, and he promises to continue to make his Father known in... more

There's a pivotal moment in the old classic movie, Sparkle, where the main character says, ?Everybody's got a story, about love and the good things. But for the spices of your life, you have got to pay the price if you know what I mean.?... more

The truth is, God has a banquet prepared for us--a feast of His presence--but we won't have the appetite for it if we have been satisfied with something else. Is something in your life dulling your spiritual tastebuds? Keeping you too stuffed... more

The ?BIG DEAL? about your life today is that the development and management of one is considered key to success in the global workplace. The notion that most people will have a career is relatively new. As recently as 20 years ago, the... more

Hey, nobody said being a good dad was easy. But, in America ?black fatherhood? is under attack due to the assumption that the American Black male somehow places less value on parenting. In the face of evidence to dismiss the existing... more

Dad often said that the best medicine is the kind which we do not have the taste for. So, I know that this may come as a shock to many, but the American Black Male is not a social calamity needing to be fixed. We do not need politically... more

Often, I hear my critics argue that I should not include prayer as a legitimate part of the success strategy for the American Black male. After all, prayer alone never got any black man across the street. Yet, I am not at all eager to show my... more