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Welcome to the Kitty Katt Kloset radio show! Here we have fun while discussing every day adult issues including sexual techniques for the bedroom.We also have a show dedicated to great old school music. We air two live shows a week. Wednesday's at 8 PM PST an our music show which airs Fridays at 12:00 PM PST. We play the music that takes your back and make you feel good! If you miss the show make sure you come back and download! For all your adult novelty needs swing by www.kittykattkloset.com

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Do you often find yourself in different realtionships, with different people, but you keep having the same outcome? Do often find yourself always pointing the finger at the other person blaming them for the reason that the relationship was not... more

Join Voyce and Kitty and they discuss what is really considered cheating these days. Is sexting someone that is the opposite sex cheating? What about talking on the different social networking sites? Are you a man or woman that feels that... more

Mens Segment: Voyce want to know "Why is it that women expect more out of a relationship then they are willing to give"? How can be with someone that is not passionate about the things you are passionate about? Should you try to move... more

Are you a woman who has kids and has never had an orgasm? Is having an orgasm the responsibility of the woman or the man she is dealing with? Why are'nt more women having orgasms? Is it due to feelings from religion or is it... more

Listen and learn why a man will leave his own family and go take care someone else's family. Check out MBK's Mr. Don't Play and SmallChange and Elavase After Dark's very own Samone, Voyce1, Cali, and Kitty Elavase. Check them... more

Tonight we are discussing people catching feelings when the know that they are a bootie call. Why is that men can emotionally disconnect from sex and women cant? Join Voyce and Kitty for another hot topic January 12 at 8 PM Pst, 10 pm... more

Its been a wonderful year an its time to celebrate! Join Voyce and Kitty for our very last show of the year as we celebrate the year and discuss what we have coming up for the new year. Join us as we have lots of fun playing music, and... more

iTS almost Christmas its that time of year where people are watching and lurking, waiting to catch you slipping so they can still your cars, your stuff in your cars, or come into your home and still items or money.. People are desperate ! They will... more

Have you been in a relationship where you know your man or woman has someone on the side. They call your phone all times of night with block numbers or maybe show up to your job starting mess. What would you do? Shouldnt... more

It's Scorpion Season baby an its my birthday! We are going to be Humpin, Bumpin, Licking and Sticking! Come and celebrate my birthday with me! I am give it to ya nice and sweet to start then get real nasty with it! Who knows what... more
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