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Welcome to the Kitty Katt Kloset radio show! Here we have fun while discussing every day adult issues including sexual techniques for the bedroom.We also have a show dedicated to great old school music. We air two live shows a week. Wednesday's at 8 PM PST an our music show which airs Fridays at 12:00 PM PST. We play the music that takes your back and make you feel good! If you miss the show make sure you come back and download! For all your adult novelty needs swing by www.kittykattkloset.com

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Its TheVoyce Choice! Join us as we discuss another hot topic. Why Do women say that they want a man to be honest with them and for that male to keep it real with them and when you do they cant handle It! Show will air May 31 at 7 pm... more

Have you truly learned from your mistakes from past relationships? Are you dating the same type of person over and over again, just in a different individual? Join TheVoyce1 and Kitty Elavase as they discuss another hot topic! Show... more

Join Voyce1 and Kitty as we discuss women having babies with men that they already know is a dead beat father or already have a bunch of kids. Why do women continue to do this and make the same mistake? Is it woma's fault or... more

Are you cool with your best friend dating your ex boyfriend or girlfriend? Would you be cool if someone in your family for examples sister or cousin married the ex you used to be married to?The kids are cousins and brothers or sisters at the... more

If you ex girlfriend called would you still go run and move her refrigerator? If you ex boyfriend called you for sex or other favors would you go to him? When you draw the line with your ex? Should you continue to do more for them if their kids... more

****(Show now airs one hour earlier) ***** We all have suffered from a bad relationship. Listen in and as we discuss what you can do to help recover and stop continuing to make the same mistake. Join Voyce1 and Kitty April 19th.... more

Do you have people in your life that are always draining your energy because they keep up drama because they are so negative? Is your job a negative place to be? Are you in a toxic relationship? How can this negativity effect your health?... more

Do remember when a piece of fried chicken was a normal size and not the size of your hands put together ? Do you remember when the milk man use to deliver milk to your front door an it stayed out for hours without going bad?Times have... more

Why am I considered a "Gold Digger" because I want someone that is financially stable? Join us tonight as we discuss this topic .Show will air 8 pm PST, 10 pm PST, and 11 PM Eastern. Listen over your phone at 347-426-3673 or... more

Black men are dating out of their race by the numbers. Why? Join us tonight March 15 at 8pm Pst, 10m pm central and 11 Pm Eastern. Listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com or listen over your phone at 347-426-3673.
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