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It is time for us to do more than complain. This show is for serious BS'ers only. Always from the male perspective (though a woman's viewpoint is always welcome), so all you sissies and wussies better move along! No punches will be pulled, no egos will be spared. Join us... if you dare!

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Tonight's Topics: 1) So you vote along party lines, huh? If it has an 'R' next to the name, it's good enough for you. Then maybe we should get a rope for you, too! 2) Two crackers will talk about some stuff and maybe get a call in from the... more

Tonight's Topics: It'll be a rambling sort of show tonight... too many things to focus on to list in show topics!

Tonight's Topics: 1) Snowden is charged because he did what every American should be doing. 2) You've heard us talk about municide... seems we were right once again... 3) So you belong to the government, huh? Guess you can't... more

Tonight's Topics: 1)The NSA is still Da Bomb! So we are going to bomb Syria...We will explain. 2)More IRS shenanigans 3) Never, Ever mess with EJ's Chicken coop! All this and African American Brake Job Instruction Tonight On... more

Tonight's Topics: Is the shining city on the hill now Moscow? The pendulum has swung and you are screwed.

Tonight's Topics:We have yet to be proven wrong. Odd how everything we have said has come true. Listen in and see how screwed you REALLY are!!!

Tonight's Topics: Call in with suggestions!

Tonight's Topics: Lots to talk about tonight... we've got stuff on statists, clips of statists, and solutions to statists! Also, if abortion is legal, why can't a guy make it happen?

Tonight's Topics:Monsanto and chicken coups... both equal nemisis's in EJ's eyes!

Tonight's Topics: 1) Open topics (and legs) tonight!
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