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It is time for us to do more than complain. This show is for serious BS'ers only. Always from the male perspective (though a woman's viewpoint is always welcome), so all you sissies and wussies better move along! No punches will be pulled, no egos will be spared. Join us... if you dare!

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Tonight's Topics: Secession will be on the docket tonight. Also, Gov. Chris 'I'll Eat Everything' Christie has a new diet plan! The Russians aren't screwing around, well, correct that, they are. Just hope it's not with Floridian monkeys! Sounds... more

Tonight's Topics: 1) You vil shut ze mouth and you vil listen! Not just to our show, but you better listen to the government and shut up and do as you are told... or else! We will talk about the fate of some people who have tried to stand against... more

Tonight's Topics: War! War!! WAR!!! WTF?!?! Obama seems to be planning to polish his Nobel Peace Prize with blood. Are you surprised?

Tonight's Topics: 1) A man near us shoots up a supervisor meeting. What was the reason. Was there justification for it? 2) Congress has fully exempted themselves from the greatest healthcare law EVER... now why on Earth would they do... more

Tonight's Topics: Need a glimpse of the future? Look no further than science fiction of the past. We'll talk of what has come to pass and what we get to look forward to... or not so much!

Tonight's Topics: 1) Tennessee is horrible according to Salon.com. Why? Liberal Logic. 2) Scumbag Spitzer is running for comptroller of NYC. Guess who he is running against? 3) Federal workers Achtung! You need to spy on each other!... more

Tonight's Topics: It's Winging it Tuesday... we can (and will likely) talk about anything!

Tonight's Topics: 1) Yeah we are going to gloat a little more because we were right and still are! 2) Some interesting tidbits about the upcoming week. 3) Loads of BS because....well because we said so! Don't miss an excremental... more

Tonight's Topics: Open topics and open legs!
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