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A new show hosted by producer & rapper Eizzle "Eric Haynes" who will feature his own music as well as showcase upcoming and established artists.

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Eizzle Entertainment is discussing new year resolutions and what it means to you! Open Forum

During this particular episode E-izzle will address the trials and tribulation of single parenthood. Recently, Eizzle was advised to conduct a show on this matter by a young lady name Tammy who has 7 kids and doesn't trust MEN. Don't Miss... more

Broadcasting live from San Jacinto College Central Campus in Pasadena, Tx for their Raven Rally Festival Eizzle Entertainment is in the Building. WE BOUT TO TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOSTED BY: E-IZZLE

Eizzle is talking about Faith and the work that comes along with it. You can't just have Faith tune as Eizzle Entertainment breakdown the Business of Faith. Don't Miss This Episode!

This episode will talk about us stepping up and being gretty for the word of God as oppose to the worlds definition of gritty. You will hear THE BEST OF SWAG MUSIC right here on EIZZLE ENTERTAINMENT Hosted by your Boi E-izzle!!!... more

Eizzle Entertainment will talk about the effects of sex, drugs and parties from a spiritual standpoint. Hosted By Eizzle! Don't MISS THIS!!!

Eizzle Entertaiment presents "HOW TO DEAL WITH SPIRITUAL WARFARE" made plain and simple with your Host Eizzle.

It's time to turn things up! Eizzle Entertainment challenges you to turn the volume up as it relates to doing your BEST in all you DO. Let's get it started on this special edition of Eizzle Entertainment HOsted by Eric Haynes aka Eizzle.

In this particular episodeEizzle of Eizzle Entertainment will share his testimony on how he loved Basketball sports more than God and exactly how all that would eventually change. Peep this show as Eizzle aka Eric Haynes hosts Eizzle... more

During this episode Eizzle aka Eric Haynes is giving us a sneak peak and is letting us enter the mind of eizzle and just what to expect during the filming of his new reality tv show which recently launched its filming last week at... more