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EIE Save Our Children

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"Save Our Children


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For all interested in STOPPING YOUTH VIOLENCE! We are losing our children! We need Individuals, Groups, Organizations that want to band together to put ACT

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Where did the term Street Soldier come from.What war are they fighting? Who's their commander in chief? What does the enemy look like.How many casualties have there been,and what about collateral damage.Have our streets in the inner... more

Are black couples building their marriages & relationships on love,money & materialism?Why do couples seem to compete with each other,instead of being on the same team?

It took 45 days before George Zimmerman was finally arrested for second degree murder of Trayvon Martin. Why? Will Rev Al Sharpton finally receive his props.What about the Gun Violence crisis in this nation?

There's going to be cheating by a certain Party this coming election,lets help our young adults with criminal records who are not registered voters, get registered.

J.P. Morgan Chase, an Apology And $5 Million in Slavery Reparations,On day of Whitney Houston's funeral, Newark gang leaders call for day of truce,Suspended teacher: 'N' word a teachable moment,3 New Dangerous Drug Habits in Teens

Heroes,Leaders,Movements,Civil Rights,Gains & Losses,from the past to the present.Would those who were committed to advancement for the rights of the oppressed,be pleased with the results of their efforts?

Are we allowing our daughters too much freedom,when it comes to how they dress?Does this issue lead to teen pregnancy? Is it ok to allow our teenage daughters to dress like video chicks?

Why has voluntary ignorance become hip in todays African America's youth culture?

Leaders in our communities to who are making a difference for our troubled youth & young adults.Talking about their roles in the communities at large and the struggle for change to,make a brighter future for our youth!

People talk about gang members,but never talk with gang members,even their own child is a gang member.Gang life is a rough & tough life for members who can't see any other way of life.It's time we listen to what they have to say and... more