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For all interested in STOPPING YOUTH VIOLENCE! We are losing our children! We need Individuals, Groups, Organizations that want to band together to put ACT

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People being slaughtered,inner city violence.Shooters armed for war in mass killings,Is America a power keg with a short fuse?Death by the Gun is the new norm.How are the profiles of shooters hidden from the radar.Shooters who... more

It's a Presidential Election,mean while the body count is rising due to "Gun Violence" in America's inner cities.

Can you be seen without your weave and still feel the same?How does not having a weave effect your sex appeal?Why is your daughter all weaved out.If your not working,how do you afford the expense of your weave

Is the N word kool to say to each other,then why do we get offended when other races call us the N word?What about the people who gave their lives not to be called the N word?Who changed the spelling to justify using the N word as... more

We celebrate being fathers,our own fathers,grandfathers,step dads & men who have stepped up to the plate for children who are not theirs.Guest speaker>Gumersindo Vidot

Parents who have mentally & physically abused their children. Parents who have turned their children against each other,for their own selfish gain. Parents who favor one child over the other,causing the child to feel less than equal and the... more

Is Stop & Frisk racial profiling? Is the church being judgmental or is it homophobia?

Delusions disquised as solutions to Gun Violence must stop! No more dream merchant tactics,can tolerated by those who sell dreams to the comunities at large,that suffer from the "Plague of Gun Violence".Saving our youth & young... more

When do the members of the communities at large,that suffer from the "Plague of Gun Violence" stop practicing learned helplessness?When do we demand proper "Education" for our children?How long will we continue to be in denial about our... more

Is it fear or the norm today?Has our violent society driven us to purchase weapons to protect ourselves & family?Is it the failure of most of America's inner city Law Enforcement to rid the guns out of the communities at... more