"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"Save Our Children

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"Save Our Children

EIE Save Our Children

United States, EnglishYouth

For all interested in STOPPING YOUTH VIOLENCE! We are losing our children! We need Individuals, Groups, Organizations that want to band together to put ACT

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Facts,Straight up truth,Not scared to say it is what it is!

Why is it Black men have not recieved the love they deserve from Black women? Can more focus be put on the positive and not the negative views of Black men?

Remembering: Jam Master Jay: 1/21/65-10/30/02

By Byron L. Demery New author draws on common-sense, real-life experiences to inspire youth to greatness Forming A Strong Foundation For Your Life helps adolescents see consequences of life choices Byron L. Demery has parlayed his... more

The Psychosis, Genocidal and Suicidal Psychosis of The So Called Black Man In America:

The President's speech on the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington.What message of hope,inspiration & change was given?

The1963 March on Washington has produced what for African Americans.How much has changed and what has not changed.Are times better or worse for African Americans.

Featured Guest>Malik-Zulu-Shabazz,Howard University Graduate, Attorney and Chairman of the New Black Panther Party Under The Founder, The Late Great Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. 15th Anniversary of the Million Youth... more

Commnity activist who are involed in preventing gun violence and improving conditions in their communities!

Why Do I Exist? Is a question I ask myself as a genocide survivor and I believe that my existence is to praise God and help others. I believe my existence is to change somebody's life. I believe it's my duty to promote peace, and to prevent... more