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The economic surge is real. Yesterday we found out that unemployment fell to 5.6%. We had the best year in over 15 years. None of this should be happening. There were many who said that the policies of the current administration would... more

Today we will take on a touchy subject within the Democratic Party. Is Hillary Clinton a shoo-in? Is she the heir to the Obama Coalition? Is there even an Obama coalition? I did some rough analysis. I continue to believe that the... more

On Sunday I was watching Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. It was rather bland initially. But then while talking to some comedians, Chuck Todd made a startling confession. I will cover that in the Blog of the Week. Later on I want to cover... more

Two big stories peculating this week are President Obama opening up diplomatic relations with Cuba and two officers being gunned down in New York. Today I will share two blogs of the week instead of one. They will initially seem completely... more

Cable news have been obsessed with the story of an Iranian taking hostages in a Sydney Australia cafe. They brought on experts throughout the night, morning, and afternoon. They acted as if it was a national terrorist event. When a similar... more

oday I start my show on a more personal note. You see while blogging at Starbucks last evening, my sister sent me a text. It was a rather disturbing text. You see my nephew just received his drivers license. I remember when I got... more

Today I am going to discuss the Eric Garner killing by New York Police Department officer Daniel Pantaleo. Much is made about having cameras solving much of the problem. While it is true that in departments where cameras... more

St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri activist/rapper T-Dubb-O will be the featured guest this week. He will discuss past and planned activities on the ground as well as the deception that is occurring in the reporting about the protests. Last... more

re you tired of the protests in Furgeson Missouri? Do you think the story is played out. Why do we continue to pound the story ad nauseam? This paragraph from a recent Jon Stewart skit says it all. ?Imagine that instead of that on a pretty... more