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This week's show August 25th, 2014 Is the Democratic Party too timid Last week I asked the questions If Rand Paul encroaching on Hillary Clinton's turf. The question maybe should have been, what is Hillary Clinton's turf? Is her turf the... more

This week'??s show Media is a tool used to malign black men for a reason? August 23rd, 2014 The media will be leaving Ferguson, Missouri in the next few days. They would have exposed a cancer in yet another American city. The... more

This week'??s show Just another black man executed by police? August 16th, 2014 Will this be just another black man executed by police or will we finally do something about it? Yesterday Michael Eric Dyson admonished President... more

This week's show August 11th, 2014 Wendy Davis was written off much too early For too long local Democrats have been whispering concerns about Wendy Davis' real chances of winning the Texas governorship. Republicans and national... more

This week'??s show Minimum wage, Another Iraq War? August 8th, 2014 The big story this week is our reentry into Iraq. Did the President do the right thing? Is it only America's responsibility to police the world? Should other countries that... more

This week's show August 4th, 2014 Warren fights bank on student loans Last week Senator Elizabeth Warren touched on a subject that affect millions. She spoke about thestudent loan crisis created by banks. This is a story... more

This week'??s show Israel's indiscriminate bombing hurts all August 2nd, 2014 I don't have to tell you that the carnage in Gaza has gotten from bad to worse. The loss of life and the destruction of property is completely asymmetric. The... more

This week's show July 28th, 2014 Journalist Rula Jebreal discusses media bias in Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Rula Jebreal will be the featured guest on Politics Done Right. Rula Jebreal is a journalist, a commentator, and author of Miral, a novel... more

This week'??s show July 26th, 2014 Many Americans and their politicians should be embarrassed with their behavior with regards to the refugees on the Texas border. If someday because of circumstances Americans are forced to migrate... more