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Political activist, blogger, software developer, and author of the book As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom (

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This week's show July 14th, 2014 A suit & immigration, a failed GOP Last week all around was a tough week politically. Political dysfunction remained paramount. Today's program will not entertain false equivalences. The current political... more

This week'??s show July 12th, 2014 This week while writing a blog post I was sort of listening to MSNBC. An interview about the water shutoffs in Detroit Michigan ensued. I listened a bit more attentively. I then heard the Detroit reporter, Hank... more

This week's show July 7th, 2014 America can afford Medicare for all Last week while performing my engineering duties on KPFT's Thinkwing Radio with Mike Honig, a rather disturbing call came from a caller. The caller was not a bad... more

This week'??s show July 5th, 2014 I had a great 4th of July. The Kingwood Area Democrats (KAD) worked on our float all week and it paid off. We won best traditional float. Check it out here. I spent a lot of time speaking to some of my... more

This week's show June 30th, 2014 The politics of religion I attended the Texas Democratic Convention this weekend. The entire convention was inspiring and filled with energy. I spoke to a woman, an ordained minister who placed... more

This week'??s show June 28th, 2014 This week I am at the Texas Democratic Convention. I am a delegate along with many other Kingwood Area Democrats. Bobby Rodrigo was kind enough to step in for me this week. Anyone who... more

This week's show June 23rd, 2014 Elizabeth Warren schooled Chris Matthews It was necessary for Elizabeth Warren to school Chris Mathews on how the Senate and Congress work. It seems like many in America do not understand that... more

This week'??s show June 21st, 2014 Left & Right Wings agree. No more war in Iraq? Could this be true? Could there really be some sort of consensus building between the Left and the Right? Folks that seems to be the case. And this... more

This week's show June 16th, 2014 Eric Cantor loss, Iraq, Oregon Shootings and the Media Today we will discuss Eric Cantor's loss and what it could mean for grassroots elections. Was David Bart's victory really a grassroots win? We will... more