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Political activist, blogger, software developer, and author of the book As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom (

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This week's show President Obama heard the electorate, GO LEFT! November 17th, 2014 Today we will discuss the renewed President Obama. Did the 2014 Midterm election reinvigorate him. It sure seems that way. Let us discuss where... more

This week'??s show Did the midterm election liberate President Obama? November 15th, 2014 Democrats took a shellacking in the 2014 midterm elections. They did so even as they ran away from President Obama. It seems... more

This week's show US UnCut's Carl Gibson schools Democrats on youth apathy November 10th, 2014 This is the first show since Democrats were resoundingly beaten after a pathetic campaign. Republicans were like rabid dogs on a hunt for... more

This week'??s show Will the results of 2014 Midterm election hurt the middle class? November 8th, 2014 It was painful to see. It was not a balanced election. It was a slaughter. Democrats were beating convincingly by an electorate that... more

I was honored to be featured on the Tim Danahey Show. We discussed the 2014 Midterm Election which was a mitigated disaster, a slaughter. Over the last few days Bill Maher spoke about the timidity of Democrats running away from the... more

The interview starts at 26 Minutes 57 second mark I was honored to be on KPFT Open Journal with KPFT General Manager Duane Bradley and Marlo Blue. Both were feeling the pain of the slaughter that Democrats and Progressives took... more

This week'??s show Ebola, Healthcare, and Privilege October 11th, 2014 Thomas Eric Duncan died this week from Ebola. He is the first person treated in for Ebola in the US that died. He is also characteristically and otherwise different from... more

This week's show Stereotyping Islam hurts us all October 6th, 2014 I am a fan of Bill Maher. He has the canny ability to break through the minutia. His political acumen is generally very good and well thought out. He does however have a... more

This week'??s show Obama finally defends his entire economic record Obama October 4th, 2014 President Obama had a great economic week. The numbers on Obamacare are coming in and it seems to be firing on all cylinders. The... more