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Political activist, blogger, software developer, and author of the book As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom (

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Last week I went to a function at the Harris County Democratic Party. A young speaker at the event spent about half a hour talking about the United Steelworkers Union strike against 11 refineries including Royal Dutch Shell and... more

This week I stepped into it big time. I made the following post on the Coffee Party USA Facebook page. The reaction was mostly negative towards the post. I received threats by message and emails. What did I do wrong? I had the gall to... more

I first want to thank Paula Almond, a returning KPFT member from Humble TX for her most generous contribution in renewing her membership. Community radio stations must have community support in order to stay on air to provide unbiased... more

This was a busy week. The economy is solidly rebounding. We had a great employment report. Another story peeked my interest. As someone who works out a lot who takes a lot of supplement I was flabbergasted by a report that I... more

We hear a lot about income inequality and wealth disparity. We all know it yet we don't seem engaged likely because many think making a change is impossible. When we unchain our minds we will. We get it done by learning. We get it done... more

The President has been on a tear lately. He is talking about what likely he would like his ultimate legacy to be, middle-class economics. What exactly is middle-class economics? Middle-class economics is rather simple. It is based on... more

Politics Done Right will have Angela Box as the featured guest. Who is Angela Box? She is the former HISD Teacher that got into a conflict with the school district and parents for some disturbing references she made towards Muslims.... more

Today I have a special guest. He is Charles Chamberlain. Who is Charles Chamberlain? Charles Chamberlain, is Executive Director of Democracy for America. He joined Democracy for America in 2006 as Political Director, where... more

The economic surge is real. Yesterday we found out that unemployment fell to 5.6%. We had the best year in over 15 years. None of this should be happening. There were many who said that the policies of the current administration would... more