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EFT Radio Online featuring shows on self-healing and peak performance using Tranformational techniques and EFT Meridian Tapping. Call in to talk to our team of EFT Experts and get your questions answered about how to use EFT Tapping in your life. www.EFTRadioOnline.com

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FEAR may be a bigger player in your life than you realize! It can keep you from achieving your dreams and can certainly sabotage your relationships. Here's what can happen when we allow fear to take over: We remain paralyzed, stuck and invisible We live directed by "I should", "I can't" and "I have to" We put our own needs last We live our lives trying to fulfill the expectations of others Here are some of the results you will achieve as you move from FEAR to LOVE: You'll finally have the courage to go after your dreams and aspirations You'll be able to release your breaks and let go of the fear that has been keeping you paralyzed, stuck or stagnated You'll move forward in bringing your gifts to the world, following your heart's desire Discover how easy it is to live your life from your True Self, the part of you that is your essence, your spiritual core, your authentic self, or whatever you choose to call that part of you that is eternal and never dies. Find out about the Emotional Scale to Higher Consciousness. You will learn the steps that change your energy vibration to one of LOVE. Raising your energy vibration by moving up the emotional scale can profoundly improve your relationships, your finances, your career, your peace of mind, and your joy of living. Judy Wolvington, MA, LPC is an Empowerment Coach and Mentor who helps you remove the inner blocks to living a fulfilling and purposeful life using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Go to www.UnleashYourAuthenticPower.com and claim your 3 free gifts.
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Are you ready to exchange self-consciousness for confidence - move beyond your addictions enough to trust you can cope? It is time to dissolve your fears ... to discover the courage to pull those threads back to their original source... more

On our last show, we looked at how current (so called) ?modern? dentistry has not changed since the 1800's. It is designed to destroy your teeth as well as your health within two or three decades. To accommodate amalgam, which is highly... more

Unbeknownst to most people, current (so called) ?modern? dentistry has not changed since the 1800's. It is designed to destroy your teeth as well as your health within two or three decades. To accommodate amalgam, which is highly... more

According to Annabel's guest today, the bumps and bruises of life are stuck in your cellular memory, preventing you from creating the life you dream of. Join Annabel and Sue Yelvington to learn the mistakes that people make that keep... more

Join Transformational Dialogue radio host Craig Weiner, DC as he interviews Dr. Candace Pert in this fascinating exploration of her groundbreaking work in straddling the fields of science and emotions. She is internationally recognized... more

TapFest welcomes back EFT Master Rehana Webster, to update us on her ongoing work with the women of Pakistan. Labelled 'kari' for allegedly having extra-marital relationships, the acid-scarred women are dependent upon the... more

Do you struggle with feeling confident? Do you walk into groups, feel exposed, fear ridicule and doubt your ability to cope? If so, there is a reason! Today we'll explore this truth! In the 6th month of Cathryn's Free 8-month, on-class class,... more

85% of your immune system is in your gut, and healing your gut is foundational to any health program whether it is psychological in nature or physiological in nature.Hippocrates, the father of medicine knew this all the way back in 460BC.... more

Transformational Dialogue host, Dr. Craig Weiner explores with Dr. Norman Shealy, methods and techniques for affecting the energetic and other systems of the body through the stimulation of meridians in ways that you may not... more

Tired of never getting things done, avoiding crowds for fear of judgment and rejection, and fighting terror every time you have to speak in front of a crowd? Join Cathryn Taylor, author of the Inner Child Workbook, and licensed... more
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