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EFT Radio Online featuring shows on self-healing and peak performance using Tranformational techniques and EFT Meridian Tapping. Call in to talk to our team of EFT Experts and get your questions answered about how to use EFT Tapping in your life. www.EFTRadioOnline.com

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Are you afraid to trust ... often fear betrayal by others ... silently feel abandoned and betrayed by Source? Are you willing to believe you are here for a reason ... there is a purpose to this pain ... there are lessons your soul wants you to master so you can release the need to experience betrayal from others and finally feel safe to trust? If you fear and experience betrayal in your relationships in present time, you most likely felt betrayed as a child, betray yourself today, and have a soul story around your perceived betrayal from your Source. In this 3rd broadcast of her 8-part series Cathryn gives you all you need to begin to identify, neutralize, and resolve your soul lessons of betrayal and mistrust. You are guided through the tapping sequences that address your limiting beliefs and unresolved feelings about those moments of betrayal ... identify and release where those moments are stored in your body, and resolve the wounds betrayal originating in the history of your soul. You learn how to move from your need to attract betrayal to a renewed sense of safety and trust in your soul and in Source. If this material stimulates questions take advantage of Cathryn's offer for a FREE 15-minute assessment. Get direction and guidance on how this material may best benefit you. To obtain more information on Cathryn's modality please visit her website at http://www.EFTForYourInnerChildAndSoul.com To schedule a one-to-one consult please call Cathryn directly at 612.710.7720.
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Do you give voice to wanting to be authentic, but then ruthlessly judge yourself when you don't quite measure up? Are you connected to your Higher Self, and yet feel plagued by the ?should's,? ?what if's,? and ?if only's,? generated from... more

Today get ready to take a dive into the depths of your awareness and simultaneously soar to the heights of spaciousness as Paula interviews American Zen Master D. Genpo Merzel, also known as Genpo Roshi, the originator of... more

Does the thought of an EFT Practice bursting with clients fill you with excitement, or does it fill you with dread? Are you worried that you'll become ?too successful? and that will create expectations, restrictions, pressures or demands that you... more

Does it feel like you don't get what you want? Or when you do, it just doesn't bring the fulfillment you had hoped for? What if the external world cannot offer a permanent solution to your fears of lack and feelings of emptiness and so you... more

Tired of theoretical fixes for your kids or student's learning obstacles? Veteran school teacher and 'learning alchemist' John Soriano tells all in this trio of news-you-can-use TappingStar episodes. Learn from John's deep experience... more

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It happens suddenly...someone says something, or gives you that look, or you get an email that has a "tone" to it and you get emotionally hijacked. It's that flooding of emotions that can make you want to run away and hide, or it can... more
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