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In this episode of the Financial Healer Show,I talk to Alison Hamlin-Hughes about how she turned around her life and what an inspiration she is to others, and how you can do the same. Alison is a 'stay at home mum' with 4 teenagers, always strived to make money by making jewellery & other crafts & not being very successful at that, although very talented in her field. Having entrepreneurial tendencies its always been hard to resist taking on new opportunities, but 'failed' at many, leaving the family in lots of debt & almost losing the family home at one point. Then she learned and applied The Law of Attraction and turned everything around by changing her mindset & approach to opportunities, she is now a successful international business woman and takes great pleasure in helping other people turn their lives around by changing what they eat & what they think. Mark Bristow is a Financial Coach/Mentor and author based in South Manchester in the UK. specializing in helping people overcome the mental blocks that prevent them becoming wealthy. During the course of his career in financial services Mark held a number of positions in FTSE 100 companies including Pensions Manager at the UK's largest Individual Financial Adviser. Mark is an EFT Trainer, a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a NLP Master Practitioner. Mark also works with sufferers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. He has co-written ?Running Away from ME' with a former client, Alison Christensen, which documents Alison's path to recovery.
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Do you set the same weight loss goal every year, but never seem to get there? Do you know you "should" exercise more, but everything else gets in the way? Do you want to make changes in your diet, but never seem to get around to it?... more

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The Holidays will soon be upon us. A time to share, feel connected, and at peace. However, for some, it's a time of vulnerability, isolation, high stress, and feeling misunderstood. Sometimes, the only place to turn is to the comfort of... more

It's that time of year again... this time let's use Matrix Reimprinting to get what we want! Karin Davidson interviews Caryl Westmore and even offers a Goals Reimprinting session for her own goal - to spread MR to the WORLD!!! What's... more

On Dec. 4, Craig Weiner, DC, host of the Change Your Mind Transformational Dialogues Radio program presents: Transforming your consciousness may be the most important thing you can do for yourself and the world. Marilyn Schlitz,... more

Imagine the abundance and freedom you'd enjoy if you had an extra hour every day. Find out how to eliminate procrastination now. You could be more present with your loved ones if you weren't constantly fretting over your unfinished work... more

The perfect TapFest guest joins us this month! EFT Master Rehana Webster comes aboard to share her innovative Trauma Buster Technique (TBT) with us. Globe-trotting teacher and trainer, she''ll be sharing her latest adventures in... more

As a follow up to Cathryn;s conversation with astrologer, Jeff Grundtner on 12.21.12 Fear or Fiction, Cathryn offers a broadcast of tapping sequences that will assist you in preparing for the challeges as well as the opportunities Also check... more

Did you ever wonder what it would take to become a great athlete, dancer or musician? What is the secret to their drive? And what is it that keeps you from following through in your own life; from taking action on the tasks you need to... more
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