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EFT Radio - Everything For Transformation: podcasts on self-healing and peak performance. Topics range from energy medicine psychology, relationships, weight loss, parenting, aging, sports performance, pets & animals, trauma & pain relief, health, wellness, consciousness, personal growth, business success, productivity - hosted by top transformational coaches - www.EFTRadioOnline.com

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Do you have a strong and active "inner judge"? Most of us do! On today's program you will get some great ideas for taming your inner judge. I'll be doing a "live" demo using Matrix Reimprinting with a practice "client". What if you could... more

If we let our mind lead the way it will look for possibilities of what could go wrong. On this show, Dr. Mary Ayers will show you see how playing a better "What if..." game will have you tuning in to the feel good feelings of possibilities. Dr. Mary... more

This episode deals with contrast and duality. I am airing it in time for the 2017 Spring Equinox but the exercises and tapping sequences I offer can be used anytime you want to come back into alignment with your healing team and... more

Do you hate marketing yourself or your business or project? In this episode, host Helen McConnell interviews novelist author and editor, Anne Hawley. After a career in public service during which she wrote fiction in her spare time to stay... more

Just Focus on What You Want and Everything will be okay. (Where's the eyeball rolling emoji when you need it.) What if I told you that getting clear on what you DON'T want is a really good thing? If you believe positive thoughts create... more

How you feel about yourself really does matter. Only when you are feeling good about yourself can you stand in your authentic power, shine your light and live a fulfilled life. The 3 most detrimental (and most common!) core beliefs are "I'm not... more

When you're tired do you allow yourself to rest or do you constantly push yourself and feel like you're running on fumes? When you are sick, how do you treat yourself? Are you kind and compassionate toward yourself? Do you feel guilty if... more

Whenever a new client presents to my practice he or she has already seen multiple other practitioners to no avail. After taking an extensive history I start with the most burning issues which may be physical symptoms, or may be the... more

You're probably aware that you have a little voice that consistently plays in the background of your mind - but did you know that that little voice could be muttering words that trigger your anxiety? Join Dr. Mary Ayers on this show to... more
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