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EFT Radio - Everything For Transformation: podcasts on self-healing and peak performance. Topics range from energy medicine psychology, relationships, weight loss, parenting, aging, sports performance, pets & animals, trauma & pain relief, health, wellness, consciousness, personal growth, business success, productivity - hosted by top transformational coaches - www.EFTRadioOnline.com

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Be prepared to discover how, without knowing it, you keep activating your old, unhelpful, out-dated stories even though you want to change them.....and what to do about it! Join Dr. Mary Ayers on this show as she shows you can tap to... more

Gary Craig, the originator of EFT did a wonderful job choosing the beginning tapping point. The KC / Karate Chop Point on the Small Intestine meridian represents the perfect location to be open for suggestions, help, support...; it is... more

EFT was taken from TFT / Thought Field Therapy, which was indirectly taken from acupuncture meridian therapy... via several psychologists and chiropractors. As you probably already know, EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques is a fine tool... more

Join host Marti Murphy for a captivating interview with Author Cornelia Ward is a Divine Career and Business Coach who helps people love Mondays! What does that mean? Well, 80% of Americans wake up each morning dragging... more

It happens...you're ready to have what you want, you're open to seeing what's getting in the way, and yet it doesn't feel like much is happening. What gives? The truth is If you have hit a wall and can't figure WHY you are still blocked,... more

"The way we define God is directly related to how we see ourselves. When we do not have a definition of God that resonates on a deep level we set ourselves up to feel like we will never be good enough." - Megan Hale In this episode, Talia... more

What do you do when you've been tapping and tapping and tapping and yet you still don't feel any improvement. Join Marti as she shares some techniques on how to deal with this and then you'll do some tapping. Marti Murphy's greatest... more

In this program you will discover ways that you sabotage your own best results. Perhaps you have a habit of stopping yourself in your tracks, just before you accomplish your goals. Maybe you procrastinate, you have to be perfect, or you... more

In this episode, we'll talk about Tapping with kids - when to use Tapping with kids, what to say when Tapping, and one other very important aspect of Tapping with kids before you ever get started with them! Helen McConnell is a... more
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