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EFT Radio Online featuring shows on self-healing and peak performance using Tranformational techniques and EFT Meridian Tapping. Call in to talk to our team of EFT Experts and get your questions answered about how to use EFT Tapping in your life. www.EFTRadioOnline.com

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TapFest is pleased to welcome back EFT Master Jacqui Crooks, whose 15 years of experience has now been contained in her EFT Masterclass webinar series. Those of you who haven't met or worked with her are in for a treat! On this episode of TapFest, Jaqui speaks candidly about her desire to share her skills with those of you who really want to make an even greater difference for your clients and your own level of satisfaction, too. During our visit we'll discuss how to introduce techniques and tips you can use straight away, and start using in your sessions for better results. Jacqui says "For a long while I've been wanting to offer my skills to those who don't live in the UK.The Masterclass series will build your skill set, and includes the most important things I've learned since I started using EFT in 1999.? Listeners will get a secret, substantial discount, too! We'll discuss these Masterclasses: Getting to the real roots of an issue easily Using language for change (including reframing) Working with parts and the inner child Clearing Ancestral and family patterns Rebirthing to create a new start for the rest of your life Looking forward - creating the life you want to lead Join TapFest host Jondi Whitis for another lively evening conversation with the best EFT experts, authors and practitioners to super-charge your results and satisfaction with EFT. You can find Trainer & Practitioner Jondi in NYC, USA. Jondi@TapFest.com, or meet her in person at the giant Spring Energy Event in April, 2015!
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It's taken time, energy and money to gain your EFT Certification. Then the thought hits you, ‘This credential didn't take long enough to acquire – my clients might question my level of competence. And there's no way I can charge... more

When you felt unhappy, were you told, ?You should be grateful. Others have it worse.?? Are you supposse to believe if others suffer more than you, that is cause to be thankful? Today, with Eloisa Ramos and Lessons 187-200 of A Course... more

Did you know that past injuries and surgeries never completely heal on the cellular level? That's why you find it difficult as an athlete to return to your pre-injury level of performance even years after an injury or surgery. You're... more

Join Susanne Peach, Animal Energy Behaviorist, as she talks about the fears many animals have of loud noises such as fireworks, thunder, gunshots, etc. We are in the height of the severe thunderstorm season in most parts of the... more

If you find that you're not dreaming, not visualizing, not setting goals, not reaching up the next rung on the ladder, it's possible that the fear of being disappointed...again...could be getting in your way. If that sounds true to you... more

On today's show I have a special guest, Diana M. Needham. Diana works with entrepreneurs and small business owners, authors, and speakers who are "lost on LInked In". She is always planning marketing strategies from the perspective of... more

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner explore: Establishing Solid Boundaries. This is obviously a wise step that every practitioner that utilizes EFT Tapping should make sure are in place. But what are those boundaries and how do I know them... more

Does your day start with ?I'm fat, I'm stressed, I can't lose weight?? Be careful – the Universe is listening! When I first learned how powerful our thoughts were in creating our reality, my first thought was ?Wow, that's cool?. My second... more

Well another show, and another inspirational interview. This time it is my good friend Annette Rigby who shares with us the great work she is doing in schools. In the summer of 2013, she made the decision to quit up her day job and pursue... more

Einstein famously said that 'everything is energy', but what exactly is energy and what do words like vibration and resonance mean from a scientific and a spiritual point of view? In this episode of 'I Am Healing', Jo asks Austin (a former EMI... more
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