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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Psa 2:1  WHY do the NATIONS rage, and the PEOPLES imagine only VAIN things?  2  It is because the KINGS of the EARTH .., and the RULERS have taken counsel together, against YAH, and against HIS ANOINTED ONE, saying.  3  Let US break THEIR bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

Many to champion what is today called the "CHRISTIAN FAITH" argue the idea of a NEW covenant, saying that YEOSHA came to "put away the LAW" of the MOST HIGH YAH!   Yet if the LAW of the MOST HIGH be abolished, how shall a WORLD be CONVERTED unto ONE ACCORD in the WILL of the UNCHANGING ONE MOST HIGH?    NOWHERE in the ENTIRE BIBLICAL TEXT is there ANY SCRIPTURE relating a concept of a MESSIAH who comes to allow DESECRATION of the NAME nor FAITH in the PROMISES of the ONE MOST HIGH!    What then is this concept of a SAVIOR that ROME then called IESOUS KHRISTOS, that today many call "JESUS CHRIST"?    What did all the PROPHETS say concerning the HOPE of PEACE, the HOPE of SALVATION in a SAVIOR?    What did MESSIAH YEOSHU'S APOSTLES say?   Indeed, concerning the PURPOSE and CAUSE for which HE must RETURN, what did the MESSIAH YEOSHU say concerning HIMSELF as JUDGE for the SALVATION of the WORLD?   It is written that MESSIAH comes to redeem them who would TURN FROM SIN.   He comes for them who will perceive the TRUTH even that for MANY GENERATIONS it is prophecied that a WORLD ENTIRE has FORGOTTEN!    Again.   What does the BIBLE relate is the RIGHTEOUS EXPECTATION of a SAVIOR, and WHO do those scriptures accurately describe in terms of what must be RESTORED TO MIND what was NEVER to be FORGOTTEN is the RIGHTEOUS HOPE of SAVING FAITH unto DIVINE PEACE?