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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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YAH has seen NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO NOT ONE RIGHTEOUS ONE, NO NOT ONE!  Therefore BLESSED are they who seek YAH, even the SAVIOR for the day of RIGHTEOUSNESS through HIM REVEALED!   For NOT all are HUMBLY prepared to DELIGHT in HIS APPEARING!  For it is certain that in the day of HIS APPEARING to ESTABLISH FIRMITY upon a SURE FOUNDATION, NONE of the PRESENT SYSTEMS of the earth, NONE of its RULERS shall be able to STAND!   (Isaiah 55-62, 40-43, 24:10-16>- <25:1-3>-10>-26:7-13  .. Mal 2:16-3:4>-4:6, Rev  6:1-<12-7:17, 16:12-21)

ISRAEL!   WE have NOT yet FULLY RECOVERED from the GRIEVOUS WOUND that has been inflicted upon us amidst a POLYtheist competitive system which is by perceives the genuine value to what is truly a visionary and unbiased altruism for the good of ALL that is DIVINE ORDER.   For a long men have been beguiled to seek to validate only what validates them at their own place in conscience or lack thereof.    Is your CHURCH and the "beliefs" it peddles no more than a SEDUCING FALSE VALIDATION SYSTEM?   Without a doubt, none of the present institutions of man has power before YAH to validate itself before HIM!    YAH has looked upon the sons of men and seen NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO RIGHTEOUS ONE, NO INTERCESSOR, NO NOT ONE! .. who has been in ALL THINGS TRUE to HIS PLAN!    Therefore since the SAVIOR must come to REPROVE ALL the SYSTEMS, RULERS, PASTORS and KINGS of this EARTH, shall it be said that everyone is prepared to DELIGHT in HIS APPEARING?   Know that when HE shall appear, ALL the SYSTEMS of this EARTH shall FALL!   For the MESSIAH comes to REVEAL the RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH!  For the MOST HIGH has seen NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO RIGHTEOUS ONE, NO NOT ONE!    Therefore WHO out of ZION will bring SALVATION to ISRAEL!