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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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YAH has looked upon the sons of men and seen none righteous, NO RIGHTEOUS ONE, no not one! (Psalms 14 & 53, Isaiah 59, 41:21-42:4>- 43:15)   When YAH shall again true to PROMISE raises up a RIGHTEOUS ONE among HIS people, shall the masses know to hear to obey HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; the only hope for SALVATION PEACE? (Isaiah 48:1-<22-49:6>-50:8)

Considering all written in the scriptures, though it has been obscured among the nations, this point is absolute beyond all question debate.   The saints of old, all the prophets, rabbinical Jews in the days of Yeoshu, and all the apostles knew and believed the Messiah of Israel to be the Awaited Anointed One whom the prophet Isaiah, Malachi and Zechariah called the "Righteous King of the East", "Sunrise", the "Sun of Righteousness who Arises", the "root and offspring of David and Bright Morning Star"!   The apostles and all the Early Church in the East knew Yeoshu to be the awaited return of the one called Shahshanshahe-King of Kings, the King of the East!    The early church was taught by the apostle to await His return to perform ALL that was spoken concerning Him fully unto ALL that appeases the Most High YAH!   Even the 7th century Surahs speak of the continual latter-day expectation of the one called "Dhul Qarnein", known to be Cyrus the Great, King of the Medes, the Mahdi foretold by Jeremiah as the Deliverer of Israel! (Jeremiah 51:11 & v.28)

The question now must be asked, since this great expectation as the aspirations and dreams of peace in the East was once the common faith, how is it that this faithful conscience was lost over the many centuries?   The prophecies foretold that ancient Kurdishyahnea shall be revived in these latter days!   It shall soon be understood that wherever men have not awakened to this lawful expectation, there was no hope for peace!