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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Isa 59:15  Yea, TRUTH has been CONCEALED; and he that departs from evil, who would compel men to seek true righteousness .. makes himself a PREY: and the MOST HIGH saw it, and it DISPLEASED HIM that there was NO JUSTICE. 16 And when HE saw that there was NO MAN, HE was ASTONISHED that there was NO INTERCESSOR:.. (Psa 14 & 53)

Where there is NO EXPECTATION for SOLUTION beyond CONFUSION, there is NO FAITH!  I the EAST, the ancient hope of SHILOH, "He unto whom the gathering of the people shall be", was the blessed expectation KEY to securing integrity of the FAITH; pure perfect knowledge preserved invulnerable to all vain worldly partialities and pollutions.   WESTern ROME knew that SILENCING the EASTern HOPE of SHILOH would cause ALL to remain by default under PAGAN PRETENSES UNawares!   Indescriminate designs intent to protect and preserve UNruly opinions are a survival of POLYtheist WESTern culture which always counted pursuit for  the ONLY SAVING GOSPEL of TRUTH to be a thing "UNlawful" lest the RULERS be known FOOLISH!   Imperialist Greco-Romanism has literally MURDERED MILLIONS across generations that the FOUNDING KNOWLEDGE of the TRUE FAITH be SILENCED to this day!  DIVERSE OPINIONS are NOT SAVING FAITH, NOT KNOWLEDGE of the RIGHTEOUS PLAN of YAH beyond ALL WORLDLY CONFUSIONS!    Where the ONE WAY OF PEACE is NOT KNOWN, ALL are beguiled UNrepentant under BONDAGE; far from  the WILL of YAH!   Till men KNOW and EXPECT the foreordained DIVINE SOLUTION, man worships DECEITFUL VAIN DAMNATIONS!      BLESSED are they who beyond the veils will believe in Him YAH foreordained to again show again ALL the WAY of HIS RIGHTEOUS PURPOSE PLEASING unto HIM! (Isaiah 44:20-46:8-13, 48-51)