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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Rulers who have hid the Gospel of Yeoshua the Kurdi-Shahshanshah-Shiloh, have for generations hid the Gospel of Life from a whole world! Rulers throughout the ages have claimed the right to divide the earth and its people after diversely contentious ruling standards which were NOT true to what YAH from the Beginning has foreordained as Divine Purpose!    Dare rulers say that once they have divided the earth, that even the Most High has no right to restore mankind beyond fallen conscience unto the remembrance of HIS plan redemption unto HIS PURPOSE?  Did the rulers ever have right to devise schemes intent to hypocrisize and HIDE from the masses the REAL TRUTH of the ANCIENT GOSPEL?   Do the variously contentious rulers have the right to declare the very SOUL PURPOSE of every soul born upon the lands over which they see themselves as kings?   Do the rulers have rights to send men off to war to fight for unholy allegiances which dividing the people in departure from DIVINE PURPOSE could NEVER bring peace nor salvation unto even a single living soul? 

YAH has promised that HE shall redeem this world in giving it unto Him who He has chosen.  The Chosen One must therefore reprove ALL the NATIONS after a righteous standard which ALL have forgotten!   To discern this victory is the RETURN unto FAITH foretold by all the PROPHETS!    Since the RULERS have NOT taught the FACT that the SAVIOR must REDEEM HIS PEOPLE from the FALLEN STANDARDS of THEM ALL, ALL the RULERS have been FAR from teaching indeed the TRUTH of the GOSPEL!