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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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A word for the most humble soul!  The prophets rightly foretold the Savior's call to this scattered wayward generation.   Only a word pure perfect from above, is the Gospel!  There is a magnificent scriptural word of truth that all having ignored, leaves the testimony of all to be mere vanity.

Isa 57:4  Against WHOM do you sport yourselves? Against WHOM do you open your mouth wide and draw out the tongue? Are you not children of iniquity, an offspring of falsehood?  57:7  Upon high lofty mountains you have set your bed; even there you went up to offer sacrifices.  8  Behind the doors also and on the posts you have inscribed your remembrance; for you are carried away from Me, and you are gone up to enlarge your beds, and you have become one of THEM; you have loved THEIR bed where you saw THEIR nakedness.  9  And you did praise the KINGS with frankincense, and did increase your perfumes, and you sent your messengers far off, and you have brought yourself low, even down to Sheol.  10 You are wearied in the MULTITUDE of YOUR CORRUPT WAYS; yet you did not vow to cease; you have wasted away yourself with the guilt of your hands, thus you did not repent. 11  And of WHOM have you been in DREAD and FEAR, that you have LIED against ME and have NOT remembered ME nor laid MY LAW to your heart?  Behold!  I AM the HOLY ONE of OLD, and you did NOT revere ME!  12  I will declare MY righteousness, and YOUR works, YOUR conceits shall not profit you.  13  When you cry, let those you gathered around you deliver you!   The wind shall carry them ALL away, the whirlwind shall take them; but those who put their trust in ME shall inherit the land and shall possess MY holy mountain;  14 And shall say, Clear up, clear up, prepare the way, take up the stumblingblocks out of the path of my people!