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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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After what manner standard will you liken YAH, to be counted in similitude unto the righteousness of HIM? (Isaiah 40:18, 46:5>-46:8-13 .. Phillipians 2:1-<5-11>-16)   Personal passions having wrought many hasty conclusions have been the damnations of many souls that a world has become blind to discerning true agreement with YAH!   We must therefore be BORN AGAIN even unto REMEMBRANCE of HIGHER CONSCIENCE that this present  WORLD AGE has after many DIVERSE ALLEGIANCES long FORGOTTEN and has blindly been dissuaded NOT to KNOWN!   Whoever is TOO PRIDEFUL to admit the FALLING AWAY occurred long ago, will remain BLIND to TRUE REPENTANCE will remain BLIND that they perish in their sins! (Acts 3:18-23) (1Corinthians 3:18-4:5)  For when HE that restores what is perfect is come, whoever will refuse to REMEMBER what present status quo has despised, will not survive. Blessed are they when again FOUNDATION is RESTORED, shall hear!   One must be BORN AGAIN to discern RIGHTEOUSNESS must RULE! 

That we prepare for the SON OF MAN, the SPIRIT of YAH would LEAD US, even COMFORT us TOGETHER unto ALL TRUTH!  (John 16:13) Yet our UNwillingness to discern how much we have FORGOTTEN, even how much GREATER VISION we must come again to FULLY REMEMBER despite the PERSECUTIONS and SNARES of the RULERS; has been the DAMNATION of MANY GENERATIONS! (Isaiah 52:1-53:1)   Through REVERENCE for YAH, discerning what has for generation been OUR WEAKNESS is the beginning of RESTORATION unto STRENGTH!   It is time to BREAK this CURSES of PRIDE that have beset us! (Psalms 111:10-11)   Let again our hearts be made HUMBLE that YAH will hear turn again HIS FACE toward us that PRAYERS for TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS shall be heard!