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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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2Cor.3:4  But their minds remain blinded.  Till THIS day the SAME VEIL is NOT taken away when men read the former testimony.  Which VEIL would have been taken away IF men's OATHS had been TRUE to the ANOINTING!

An IMPORTANT EXPECTATION in the LAW and PROPHETS that a WORLD has long ignored has rendered mankind CAGED after FALLEN CONSCIENCE.  ALL mankind hears to BELIEVE established upon FAULTY FOUNDATIONS has left the REASONING of MEN yet borh SKEWED and TAINTED far from ancient RIGHTEOUSNESS necessary NOT to OFFEND the MOST HIGH.  Far from what is needed not to  PROFANE HIS NAME nor LIE against HIM!!   EARLY Church knew this PIVOTAL FOUNDATION that preserves steadfast FAITH. THIS latter-day generation must discern it AGAIN unto a RENEWED HOPE for SALVATION.  Without it, ALL that men's thoughts remain vulnerably gullible to TAINT and ERROR!   WHO will HEED what should NEVER have been FORGOTTEN; that there be RESTORATION unto FORMER GLORY?  ALL are in BONDAGE to RULERS if NOT having discerned this PRECIOUS TRUTH!   Due to MURDEROUS SCHEMES till NOW the TRUTH is to all but a few, HID!   No soul strives FULLY ENOUGH unto  COMPLETION if unaware of this VERY CRITICAL prophetically foretold SCENARIO!

O how much grievously DAMNING ERROR could have been avoided, if man's FIRST PRIORITY had NOT SELFISHLY been pleas for "PERSONAL SALVATION"; but simply that MIND and HEART be GOVERNED so NOT to LIE against the HOLY and EVERLASTING WILL and COVENANT of the MOST HIGH for HIS PEOPLE!   Because men have plead the Most High FIRST regarding THEMSELVES, even the preservation of their own will; the VEIL of DECEIT the HOLY SPIRIT would have REMOVED remains UNlifted from the    the EYES! (Mat.7:13-28, 5:14-24)