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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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SHALOM!   PASTORS!   YAH CALLED ME TO SPEAK THIS IMPERATIVE WORD BECAUSE YOU WOULD NOT!   Not even what  was BABY FOOD FOUNDATION to the EARLY CHURCHES in the EAST, is taught to congregations TODAY!   Whoever receives not THIS GOSPEL is gullibly MISLED!  (2Cor.4:3)  WHOEVER puts not on WHOLE ARMOR required to utterly KILL the DRAGON,  the BEAST claims right to SLAY!   If YOU PASTORS will NOT SPEAK to teach true ALLEGIANCE to  the DRAGONSLAYER, WHOSE SIDE are YOU ON?   The ILLUSIONS of the DEADLY DAMNING BEAST must ONCE and FOR ALL be SLAIN!  (Isaiah ch.24-27, 44:20-46:13) 

PASTORS!  YAH CALLED ME TO SPEAK THIS WORD BECAUSE YOU .. WOULD NOT!    WHOEVER'S WORD yet allows the DAMNING WOUNDED DRAGON to yet REVIVE and THRIVE, has attained NO RIGHT before YAH to SURVIVE! (Isaiah 11:1-4>-14:5 .. 2Thess.2:1-<7-12) (Revelation 2:26-3:9 .. Mat.12:36, 4:4, 5:14-21)  Your few words vouchsafe no one's hearts!   YAH knows that even CHILDREN of FOOLISH DARKNESS can speak SOME of the WORD!   Yet it takes a TRUE CHILD of the LIGHT having a FULL LOVE for YAH and for HIS PEOPLE to realize NEED to SEEK and SPEAK ALL that has been DECREED after the GIFT of the HOLY SPIRIT! 

What most today call "MEAT" was BABY FOOD to even the CHILDREN who heard DIRECTLY the WORD of YAH through HIS SPIRIT to comprehend the APOSTLES and PROPHETS after EASTERN ORIENTATION!   The "MILK" these PASTORS give GROWS NO TEETH!   Siding with the BEAST seeking LIFE by a PRETENTIOUS PARTIAL WORD gains none of us the MUTUAL VICTORY!   Hear the PATIENT FAITH of the SAINTS! Partiality PERISHES when the RIGHTEOUS sWORD OF YAH  APPEARS! (Rev.19:11-21)