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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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IF ALL KNEW and LOVED the LORD HIMSELF having NO OTHER "gods", there could ONLY be PEACE!    What then are the "OTHERS", the FAULTY FOUNDATIONS NEVER PURGED from the HEARTS, that INFILTRATING the DOCTRINES continuing to defile, even to "POISON the LOVE" among BELIEVERS?  WHAT is the FOUNDING GOSPEL TRUTH that MESSIAH KNEW and FOREWARNED that this PRIDEFULLY SELF-RIGHTEOUS WORLD would REFUSE to WELCOME with LOVE, till HE comes again to REPROVE the PRETENSE?

ALL PROPHECY promises the SAVIOR must come that NO MORE should infiltratrations of an ADVERSARY SPOIL the FAITH of them who would BELIEVE.   Yet till this day, an already extant devilish AGAPE LOVE for LIES has kept many to unwittingly HATE the TRUTH, even to DESPISE the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL whom they claim to PRAISE; and refuse to know it!  (Isaiah 57, Jeremiah 50:24 LAMSA)

After the INDISCRIMINATE INTRUSIONS of WESTERN THOUGHT, AGAPE is taught among CHURCHES as if  POLYtheist HATRED against the ONE HOLY COVENANT were a GIFT from YAH!   For every LIE taught among the CHURCHES, men have learned to LUST after the heart of DEVILS in disguise!    The LOVE of YAH is a PURE HUMBLE LOVE for ALL the PURE WHOLE PERFECT CONSTANT TRUTH NECESSARY that ALL PEOPLES be DELIVERED from EVERY FALSE RIGHTEOUSNESS of STATUS QUO; at last in ALL THINGS to be AGREED as ONE!  

What men SWEAR ALLEGIANCE unto and "LOVE", is according to what seems good to PERSONAL advantage!  How NOW then are there so MANY DIVERSE ALLEGIANCES unto which MEN among the CHURCHES have SWORN their SOULS?   The HUMBLY REASONING SOUL will discern that it is but by the REMEMBRANT FULL RESTORATION of the PURE and PERFECT WORD HUMANITY has FORGOTTEN; that DAMNING COVENANTS with DEATH are ANNULLED! (Isaiah 28)