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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Have LIES which have blinded men's hearts since the dawn of human fall ceased to be?   Have the people of YAH learned yet beyond ALL WORLDLY ILLUSION how NOT to be BEGUILED or how NOT to LIE? (Zephaniah 3:13)   If NOT, why do men believe they are NOW RESTORED in the HOLY COVENANT RENEWED?   JEREMIAH 30-31 is a LATTER-DAY prophecy foretelling the END of ALL who LIE to keep humanity CONFUSED by FALLEN STANDARDS of the NATIONS!  A GREAT FALLING AWAY has occurred DEMANDING the RESTORATION of THE COVENANT! 

The apostles admonished the congregations to prepare, to seek and diligently prepare for the returning Savior who brings in His RETURN what they called the "TIMES OF REFRESHING"! (Acts 3:18-23 .. Isaiah 28-32)   YAH is ONE! Diversely contentious nationS would never have come to exist if humanity had KEPT TRUE to the COMMANDMENTS of the MOST HIGH YAH!   How then while yet divided by many contientiously self-righteous allegiances dare men say they are not under a "NEW" COVENANT which has NOT restored ALL the PEOPLES unto the PURE and PERFECT WILL of the ONE?

YAH will soon call HIS PEOPLE BACK from ALL BLINDING DISTRACTIONS and SNARES of the NATIONS that HIS PEOPLE shall KNOW and OBEY HIM!   ISRAEL therefore is called to TRANSCEND the ENTIRE RACE CONSCIENCE of this FALLEN WORLD AGE ENTIRE!  Only THIS AWAKENING will humanity discern beyond EVERY form of IDOLATROUS DECEPTION wrought of PRESUMPTUOUSNESS far from INITIAL FOUNDATION; shall humanity at last be FREE!  For NONE of the MISconceits NATIONAL, POLITICAL, SOCIAL, nor PSEUDO-RELIGIOUS formed of MAN is or was ever VIABLE unto HIS HOLY KINGDOM!   Words here for only the MOST HUMBLE SOUL! (1Corinthians 3:18-4:5)    WOE upon therefore ANYONE who COMFORTS MEN to trust in VANITY so as NOT to HEED the EXCEEDING WARNING of YAH!