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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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POWERFUL SHABBAT SHOW!  LET SECRETS UNFOLD! Eph 4:3  Be DILIGENT to preserve the UNITY of the SPIRIT in the BOND of PEACE. 4 There is ONE BODY and ONE SPIRIT, just as you were too called to ONE HOPE in YOUR CALLING; 5 ONE MOST HIGH, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM. 6 ONE YAH and FATHER OVER ALL ... (Romans 8:9 .. 1Cor.8:6-7)

Rediscover some of the greatest secrets and keys in the entire bible!   What indeed does it mean to say there is but ONE TRUE BAPTISM?  Does it make a DIFFERENCE WHO BAPTIZES YOU?   Is EVERY manner of BAPTISM inately valid?  There is  Indeed but ONE HOPE and BLESSED EXPECTATION unto which by YAH men are CALLED!  And yet NOT ALL who profess to be BELIEVERS have known it!    In discerning the ANSWER to the QUESTIONS that arise regarding these facts, let us also SEEK out and DISCERN what for AGES has remained some of the MOST POWERFULLY KEY VERSES in the WHOLE BIBLE.   Verses that because most have NOT discerned them in all that is the implicative context of their time, is hardly even remotely discerned fully TODAY!  This LACK of KNOWLEDGE has been unto the wearying, even the spiritual depravity of our people!  Yet the restoration of this TRUTH is the BEGINNING of the RENEWAL of OUR STRENGTH!    I have sighted often on this show that NUMBERS 24:14-<17-19 is some of the most powerfully KEY scripture in the WHOLE BOOK!   Tonight let us discern WHY!   Unto YAH, even unto the REVIVAL of HIS HOLY HONOR, RESPECT, PRAISE ALWAYS!  Hallelu'YAH!

SHEBET .. scepter, ruling branch, correction 

RADAH .. tread down, subjugate, dominion,reign, prevail