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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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SHABBAT SHALOM!    The MOST HIGH has a PLAN whereby ALL who have striven against the PEACE of HIS PEOPLE shall be EXPOSED as FALSE PROPHETS!     It is written, "They who WAIT for YAH shall RENEW their STRENGTH!"    Shall we so easily be BEGUILED to amidst BABYLON count ourselves SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY WISE BEFORE the TIME? (Isaiah 40:1-<27-41:4>-43:15)    You canNOT REPENT to believe the GOSPEL while you believe what you already KNOW is ALL that YAH knows is necessary that WE be ONE!

These are words for the MOST HUMBLE SOUL!   Our PEOPLE are in GREAT NEED of a GREAT HEALING!   Shall ANY of us behold the SPIRITUAL DEPRAVITY that ensnares OUR PEOPLE, and yet seek to IGNORE SO MUCH that MUST be NECESSARY unto RESTORATION of the FAITH?   If any of us can be proud in weakness that we FLATTER OURSELVES; we are NOT WORTHY!   ISRAEL is a COLLECTIVE!    A STAIN upon any ONE of US is a STAIN upon us ALL!   Has any among us arisen who has indeed conquered every manner of blindness for the GOOD of US ALL?  Whoever would be proudly SELF-RIGHTEOUS in ANY manner short of what WE are created to be, WE have FORSAKEN the CAUSE necessary for the OUR MUTUAL DELIVERANCE!    FORGET NOT the SHEMA!  Till WE are ONE in ALL the MOST HIGH has ENVISIONED, WE are NOT SAVED!   As a PEOPLE .. CONSECRATED unto DIVINE GLORY, till WE are TRUE to ALL that YAH has DIVINELY INTENDED, WE have BLASPHEMED the PROMISE and SANCTITY in DEFENSE of the HOLY NAME!   WE are to COOPERATIVELY HELP YAH that ALL HIS WORD is wrought among HIS PEOPLE as HE PROMISED; lest HIS NAME be put to SHAME!   It is SIN when after LESS CONSCIENCE a people intent to GLORIFY HOLY NAME are SELF-satisfied!    TILL WE are in ALL HIS WORD ONE, WE are NOT SAVED!   Let US SEEK YAH to discern HOW to be FRIENDS .. of YAH!