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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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1 Ki 18:21  Before all the people Eliyah said, "How long will you WAVER between TWO OPINIONS? If YAH is ALMIGHTY, follow HIM; but if Ba'al is EL, follow him." Yet the people could give no answer.  (Isaiah 40:27-41:4)
PEOPLES!   Will you continually HOVER between 30,000 DENOMINATIONAL OPINIONS?   Eliyahu said well,  "If EL be BA'ALS (MANY gods), worship THEM!  If EL be ONE, worship HIM!   Yet know that YAH shall yet have to HIMSELF a PEOPLE to HIS GLORY who SPEAK NO LIES!  30,000 OPINIONS canNOT be the GOSPEL of ONE SALVATION PEACE!   30,000 OPINIONS is WORLDLY CONFUSION after FLESH, NOT of the ONE SPIRIT; NOT of HEARING the VOICE of the MOST HIGH YAH!   Therefore it is not the VANITIES men have believedTODAY that will decides the difference in a world where ALL have FALLEN SHORT of the GLORY of YAH!  (Isaiah 52:15-53:1)  The REAL ISSUE is will man be PREPARED to HEAR, DISCERN and OBEY the WORD of the SAVIOR when HE APPEARS to REPROVE ALL by revealing again the ONE PURE PERFECT SAVING WORD of PEACE?    For if YAH has looked upon the WORLD and saw NONE with a SOLUTION unto RIGHTEOUSNESS, all are FALLEN after VANITY!   Therefore till HE raises up a RIGHTEOUS ONE, there is NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO NOT ONE! (Isaiah 41:24-42:4)    WHO will BELIEVE when the MOST HIGH makes GOOD on HIS PROMISE to raise up a DELIVERER out of TZIYON to REDEEM ISRAEL from ALL SEDUCTIONS now DIVIDED the TRIBES?  For till this day, ISRAEL is yet CONTENTIOUS BROTHER vs. BROTHER among the NATIONS!   This SILLY DIVISIVENESS, is NOT FAITH nor PLEASURE of the PATRIARCHS of ISRAEL!   Many say they are the CHILDREN who slander the NAME of the CHOSEN PEOPLE, even the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL!  LET HUMBLING unto AWARENESS and DELIVERANCE BEGIN!