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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Rom 7:5  When we were in the FLESH, passions of SIN, aroused by law of the FLESH, worked in our members to bring forth fruit unto death. 7:6  But now we are by the Spirit freed from the Flaw, being dead to what once held us; that we should serve in the Spirit of renewing, not after them who pervert the letter. .. Shall men continue neglectfully silent in denial under perversities of CARNAL RULERS/ NATIONS that keep a WORLD blindly scattered under CURSES of SIN; even also the Chosen Ones of YAH? (Rom.11:25-12:4)   No man attains the PROMISES of YAH under NEGLECTFUL COMMANDS of an OTHER!  REMEMBER! YAH foreordained ONE PEACE PLAN!  There is NO PEACE, while lawLESS men rule on EARTH!  There will NEVER be any PEACE til ALL FALSE PRIDE is HUMBLED by PRESENCE of the PEACE-MAKER; MESSIAH HIMSELF!   Learn again the LOVE of YAH!  HEAR!  BRING IT AGAIN to MIND O ISRAEL! .. what a WHOLE WORLD SCHEMED vs. REASON to FORGET! (Psa.2, Isaiah ch.34, 65, 46:8-13, 48:22-49:6, Rev.19)   
Joel 3:1  BEHOLD!  In those days .., when I shall regather the captivity of JUDAH and JERUSALEM, 3:2  I will also gather ALL GENTILES/NATIONS, and will bring them down to the VALLEY OF YEHOSHOPHAT, and will judge them there what THEY have done against MY PEOPLE and MY HERITAGE ISRAEL, whom THEY scattered among the NATIONS, and parted MY LAND. 3:3 THEY cast lots for MY PEOPLE; and gave MY boys after harlotries, and sold MY girls for wine, that THEY might drink! (Isa.25:1-10)