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STARS FALL! RULING POWERS SHAKE! Mat.24:29, Isa.50:3, ch.13

  • Broadcast in Religion
Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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POTENT FOLLOW-UP TO 1/8/13 SHOW TONITE!  "WHEN the SON OF MAN RETURNS, will HE find FAITH in the EARTH?"(Luke 18:8)  hiddengospel.com/the-city  In a debate-filled world blinded by MISrepresentations/ CONVERSATION innately fallen from conscious character of the word; worldly orientations mercilessly flatter many to believe they HAVE what they have never known. (Eph.2:1- [3]-[8-12) FAITH in YAH as HE IS is NOT what a man HAS because he or society says so!  A POLYtheist PLURAList STATUS QUO confusing men in BONDAGE to DEBATES/ SINS canNOT give PURE word DEFINITIONS true to initial intent!   CONVERSATION after MULTIPLE ALLEGIANCES, DIVERSE PRECEPTS of MEN canNOT be TRUE!  Man must HEAR the GOSPEL, the TRUE PURE WORD from ABOVE before he can BELIEVE YAH!  Realize TRUE MEANING of "Whatever is NOT of FAITH is SIN!  (Rom.14:23-15:21)  ..and "He who DOES righteousness is righteous! .. and "He that is born of YAH does NOT SIN!" (1John 2:27-3:11)     What is the LAW of FAITH? (Rom.3:27)  How have man's SINS HID BLESSED PEACE from ALL humanity?  WHO but an ENEMY would DENY the TRUTH that only INCOOPERATIVE CONTENTIONS remain?  DISCERN HID DEFINITIONS of words like FAITH, GRACE, SALVATION, RIGHTEOUSNESS, GOSPEL; that SELFISH RULERS schemed you would NEVER KNOW!!   WHAT will it take for MANKIND to be CONVINCED of the TRUTH to at last CRY OUT against MASS OPPRESSION? (Jude 1:1-4]-15) (Isa.19:18-25, 25:1-3]-10)  KNOW the ANCIENT FAITHFUL EXPECTATION that RE-REVEALED will  SHAKE GLOBAL FOUNDATIONS as FORETOLD by all the HOLY PROPHETS since WORLD BEGAN! (Heb.10:25-29) (Rev.16:12-21) hiddengospel.com/the-city