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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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MY BROTHERS and SISTERS!   I speak of a SERIOUS SITUATION on earth!   For if ALL PRAY to be JUSTIFIED according to DIFFERING STANDARDS; ALL PRAY unto CONFUSION! .. and NOT LIFE nor LOVE, nor PEACE!  Many PERISH for LACKING KNOWLEDGE amidst FLATTERIES under stagnant FALSE RIGHTEOUS, not having TRUE knowledge as to DIVINE COMMAND in the GOSPEL!  Yet no man is JUSTIFIED before YAH  without heart to PURSUE to DO ALL that is DIVINE RIGHTEOUSNESS!   Yet all manner UNrighteousness is a BROKEN COVENANT, SIN!  The WAGES of seeking to be JUSTIFIED by what canNOT be a HEALING for GOOD of the BRETHREN, is NOT LOVE, but is MISrepresentative CURSES, FOLLY, DECEIT, DEATH! (Mat.5:14-21) (Hebrews ch.5-6)

Hebrews 5:7  While He was clothed in FLESH, He offered PRAYERS and SUPPLICATIONS, with VEHEMENT CRIES and TEARS, to HIM who was ABLE to SAVE Him from DEATH; and verily He was heard.  8  and though He was a GOOD SON, through suffrage and godly REVERENCE He LEARNED OBEDIENCE. 9  and He GREW to become PERFECT and became the AUTHOR of LIFE EVERLASTING to ALL who OBEY HIM;   10 ¶  so He was called by YAH a HIGH PRIEST after order of MELCHISEDEK. (Psa.110)

1 John 3:7 Little children!  Let no one deceive you!  The man who DOES RIGHTEOUSNESS is RIGHTEOUS, just as YAH is RIGHTEOUS; .. Shall men receive the SEED of YAH to remain lovers of MEDIOCRITY rather than EXCELLENCE in  DISCERNING to OBEY ALL the MOST HIGH reveals?

Due to a FALL under MANY DIVERSE STANDARDS, a WORLD is full of WARFARE!   We shall TRANSCEND this WORLDLY MEDIOCRITY and GO ON toward PERFECTION!  .. even ALL that is unto the ATTAINMENT of the PROMISE of PEACE!  (Exodus 20:7)  HALLELU'YAH!