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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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REDEDICATION LIGHT IS A BLESSING TO ALL EARTH! James/Yacob 1:17  Every GOOD GIFT and every PERFECT GIFT is from ABOVE, and comes down from the FATHER of LIGHT, within whom is NO VARIABLENESS, nor any shadow of CHANGING. (John 10:22-23)

John 3:18 He that believes the LIGHT is NOT conDAMNed. But he that believes NOT is CONDAMNED ALREADY for NOT BELIEVING in the NAME/ LIGHT/ TRUTH of HIM, the only begotten SON of YAH. 19 This is the conDAMNation.  LIGHT came into this confused world, and men loved DARKNESS rather than LIGHT, because their DEEDS were DARKNESS!  20  For every one that does impurity HATES the HOLY COVENANT LIGHT, nor does he SEEK the INVARIABLE LIGHT, lest his DEEDS/ WAYS/ BELIEFS/ THOUGHTS/ DELIGHTS be REPROVED.  21  But he that does TRUTHFULLY comes to the LIGHT, that his THOUGHTS may be revealed, that they are wrought surely through YAH! (Isaiah 41:24-42:4) (Daniel 11:28-30)

Unto a world already divisively condemned in the darkness of its confusions, YAH so GRACED the world that HE gave it HIS only begotten Son, that whoever BELIEVES in His LIGHT comes out of the DARKNESS!  For ONLY FAITH in the LIGHT can PLEASE YAH unto the surety of LIFE!    Dare men say they  yet  they have FAITH unto SALVATION who know not the DIFFERENCE? (Isaiah 5:20-26, 8:16-20)   It is NOT after the CONFUSION of DARKNESS of this world that any man is CONVERTED among the sons of YAH!   WOE unto them who would OBSCURE the LIGHT that they may falsely exalt  themselves likened to the MORNING STAR! (Rev.22:16 .. 2Kepa 1:19-2:4)   You can't overlook the book!   There is NO EXCUSE for IGNORING the TRUTH!   The rededication of a SOUL will be the redemptive REDEDICATION of a WORLD unto LIGHT and LIFE FOREVER!