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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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EPHESIANS CHAPTER 2!    But by the MERCIES of YAH can any man be REFINEDLY prepared ACCEPTABLE unto the HOLY KINGDOM!   By the GRATITUDE for the GIFT of FAITH which this WORLD does NOT SPEAK, are WE BORN AGAIN! This SAVING WISDOM beyond what the WORLDLY esteem is NOT after the CONVERSATION, CONCEITS nor DEVICES of MEN!   It is the GIFT of YAH to be MOLDED consistent after that which YAH has FOREORDAINED FOUNDATION from the BEGINNING!   For without knowledge of DIVINE VISION from ABOVE, NONE perceives what must be an ETERNAL REMEMBRANCE for the RESTORATION of HIS PEOPLE who must OVERCOME this PLURALIST WORLD of DIVISIVE CONFUSIONS!   ONLY by the GIFT of DIVINE VISION is any man REBORN unto what is after COMMON EXPECTATION and HERITAGE of a  PEOPLE CALLED HONORABLE unto the ANCIENT ETERNAL COVENANT PROMISE!   WHOEVER therefore remains ESTRANGED from what this GOSPEL FOUNDATION, this SOCIAL COALESCENCE as revealed again FIRST  through HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL, thus remains WITHOUT YAH, APART from the MESSIANIC HOPE, and INDISCRIMINATELY ALIENATED far from the CALL of the MOST HIGH OUT from the ERROR of THIS WORLD!   For to be left to the DIVERSE THOUGHTS of the INCONSCIENT is a CURSE!    To discern the TRUTH beyond a WORLD of PLURALIST ILLUSIONS, that is the GRACE and the FAVOR of YAH!   That which YOU have called a "CHURCH" unto WHAT GOAL is its CALL?

There is an EXCEEDING DIMENSION of TRUTH which the indiscriminately WORLDLY desirous to preserve this PRESENT AGE of POLLUTIONS;  will NOT WHOLLY GRATEFULLY RECEIVE as the GIFT of YAH!!    WOE on them who count the DISCIPLINE of YAH a CURSE rather than a BLESSING! (John 14:15-16, 17:9)   Messiah warned; POLYTHEIST WESTERN IMPERIALISTS would NOT conform to the TRUTH of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS till HE comes to EXPOSE the GLOBAL PRETENSE! (Psalms 2)