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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Trusting that  the MOST HIGH sent HIS Son to abolish the LAW from ON HIGH, WHO did MEN say is WISE?  WHO did MEN dare call FOOLISH?   WHO commands WHO?  Do they trust YEOSHUA to SAVE who forget HE is KING of ISRAEL?  Is ISRAEL CURSED that the GENTILES be BLESSED?

Isa 29:13  YAH has said, Because the NATIONS think to draw near ME with their MOUTH, and with but LIP SERVICE do HONOR ME, their UNDERSTANDING, HEART, LOVE is REMOVED FAR FROM ME; their reverence toward ME is taught after PRECEPTS of MEN:   16  Thus SURELY your TURNING UPSIDE DOWN OF THINGS is likened to POTTER'S CLAY, as the BREAKING of a POTTER'S UNCLEAN VESSEL .. Isaiah 30:1-<8-15)  For shall the WORK say of HIM that made it, HE shall SHAPE me not? or a thing conceived say of HIM that conceived it, HE had no understanding? (Isaiah 45:9-13, 40:18, 40:25, 46:5-<8-13)

Isa 41:1  Keep SILENCE before Me, O islands!  Let the people renew their STRENGTH!  Let them come near!   Let them speak plainly!  Let us come together for DISCRETION! 41:2  WHO raised up this RIGHTEOUS MAN LIKE THE RISING SUN?  WHO called Him to His foot?   WHO gave NATIONS before Him?  WHO made Him RULE over kings?   WHO gave the kings as dust to His SWORD, and as driven stubble to His BOW.  41:3  WHO caused Him to pursue them and passed safely; even by the way that He had not gone with His feet?   41:4  WHO has wrought and done it, calling the generations from the BEGINNING? I the LORD, the FIRST and the LAST; I am HE! (Isaiah 46:8-13)