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Website: hiddengospel.com Mayhaps the most popular and well-known scriptures in all of the bible is Yohanan/ John 3:16. "YAH so LOVED the WORLD that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that whosoever BELIEVES in HIM should NOT PERISH, but have EVERLASTING LIFE!" In continuing the verses warn, "But THIS has been the CONDAMNATIONS of the WORLD, that MEN have had AFFECTIONS for DARKNESS MORE than LIGHT!" (Yohanan 3:14-21) Yet in a WORLD of VASTLY DIVISIVE CONFUSIONS which MEN INDISCRIMINATELY have cast under the "UMBRELLA SHEILD" of FAITH, what indeed is it to TRULY BELIEVE in HIM, even HE as HE IS HIMSELF? Has what men have compromised to call the LOVE of YAH been the LOVE of that which YAH LOVES and BELIEVES, or has it been TAINTED after the DESIGNS and THOUGHTS of an OTHER? Have the PRECEPTS which have DIVIDED this WORLD under supposed JURISDICTIONAL CONSTRAINTS and IDEALS of the NATIONS been OVERCOME by FAITH? Or has a WORLD FALLEN from the FAITH necessary to be made ONE? WHO are they who will UNDERSTAND in DUE TIME what beyond ALL CONFUSION it means to SEEK, to WAIT for the LORD MOST HIGH, that HIS PEOPLE who LOVE HIM may be RENEWED unto STRENGTH? After having been complicit after a MULTITUDE of POLLUTIONS, what do the SCRIPTURES have to say as a PROMISE as to how the MINDS of MEN again shall be RESTORED unto the SANCTITY and ONENESS of a PURE and PERFECT HOLY COVENANT unto ONE PEACE? Shall the HOLY COVENANT be RESTORED through the PRESERVATION or the ERADICATION of EVERY POLLUTION? In PARTIALITIES EXALTED, or ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS REVEALED to be ETERNALLY PRESERVED? (Jeremiah 30:10-11>-<31:31-36) i am honored and thankful for your presence in your giving a listening ear to what shall be a most empowering and powerfully redeeming message that yah has inspired to be preached this night! blessed be the precious and holy name of the most high forever and ever! i="" am="" honored="" and="" thankful="" for="" your="" presence="" in="" your="" giving="" a="" listening="" ear="" to="" what="" shall="" be="" a="" most="" empowering="" and="" powerfully="" redeeming="" message="" that="" yah="" has="" inspired="" to="" be="" preached="" this="" night!="" blessed="" be="" the="" precious="" and="" holy="" name="" of="" the="" most="" high="" forever="" and="">