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We will be broadcasting news information that is not on the main stream news networks plus will be doing investigative reports on subject of importance. I am also looking for a CO-Host to work with me on programs. the key types of Subject I what to do programs are . The Type of Subjects I what to report on Ecconomic and Poltical Issues that are local, National and intermational Issuse that are not being talked about on your main stream news networks . This is the List of the Subjects I what to do programs on. -The Debt Money System -How the Banking system works -What frational Banking is and how the Private Banks Create Electronic money threw loaning money. -History of Banking and Money. -7 myths about the Federal Resurve Banking system. -Fixing the Debt problem in Goverment Budjects -The need to Issuse Debt free money into the System. -History of Manipulation of Goverments threw the banking system. -Putting people to work with Goverment money instead of welfare payments to do to sit home and do nothing. If you have infomation to send me about these Subjects send my a message. -ON WENSDAYS I will be having News updates without any key Educational videos presentations were you I will give you opportunity to call in about news events or any of my weekend programs.

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1) Program intro 2) Tonights program will be Part 4 of the interview with Karen Hudes on the World Bank Corruption 3) the playing of part 4 4) Music break 5) Finnal Comments 6 Colsing Music , O Canada Them Song

1) Program introduction 2) Tonight program will be part 3 on exposing World Bank Corruption 3) The playing of Part 3 4) A Music meditaion Break . be still and let the Truth be made known to you 5) My finnal Comments 6) Finnishing Music ,... more

1) Intro to Program 2) The program tonight is Part 2 of the interview with Karen Hudes that exposed Corruption at the world Bank 3) The playing of Part 2 4) Music Break , Song about Liberty 5) Finnal Comments 6) Colsing Music , O... more

1 ) Intro to program 2) We are strating a New Topic on The Corrution at the World Bank. - To night we will be playing Part 1 of a interveiw with Karen Hudes that was a legal Secetray at the World Bank . When she exposed illegal activity she... more

1) Program Introduction 2) We are playing the finnishing program of the Money Masters part 9 - Then the closing Music of the vidieo . 3) My Comments and introducing the Program series 4) closing Music , O Canada them song

1) Program intoduction 2) This program is Part 8 of the Sound track of the Money Masters . 3) the playing of Part 8 of the Money Masters 4) Music break 5) my finnal Comments 6) Finnishing Song , The Them song of O , Canada

1) Program introduction 2) The Money Masters are about the Control , Issueing Money as Debt plus intrest and the Creation of Money . And its power to Control Goverments and world events threw the loaning of money . 3) The playing of... more

1) Program Introduction 2) We will be playing part 6 of the money masters . In this sound chip they explain how the Federal Resurve and the Bank of England loaned money to over throw the Sar in Russia and support a Communism... more

1 ) Program intro 2) This is Part 5 of the the Money Masters is about the US Banking System and the Creation of the Federal Resurve . 3) Playing of the Money Masters 4) Closing Music , Them song of O Canada
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