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1) We will be broadcasting news information that is not on the main stream news networks. 2) We will be doing investigative reports on subjects of importance. 3) I am also looking for a CO-Host to work with me on programs. This is the list of the subjects I want to do programs on: -The debt money system -How the banking system works -What fractional reserve banking is. -How the private banks create electronic money through loaning money. -History of banking and money. -7 myths about the federal reserve banking system. -Fixing the debt problem in government budgets. -The need to issues debt free money into the system. -History of manipulation of governments through the banking system. -Putting people to work with government money instead of welfare payments. If you have information to send me about these subjects send me a message . If you what to call in to my program let me know and we can setup a time and date so we can meet live on my program. Contact information is PTEDWARD@AOL.COM If you need to chat with me about things my Skype address is Edward707_2

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1) Program Introduction 2) We have the sound clips of 3 on the CIA torture report from Independent news sources. This is the details of our progam sound clips. The Torturers: Donald Rumsfeld, President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney... more

1) Program introduction 2) This is Part 3 of the Canadian Senate report on Banking , Trade and Commerace 3) Playing of Part 3 4) my finnal comments 5) Colsing Music , the them song od O Canada

1) Program introduction 2) Tonight we will be playing Part 2 of the Canadain Senate report on Banking , Trade and Comerace 3) Playing of Part 2 of Senate report. 4) My cloing Comments 5) Closing Music , them song of O Canada

1) Intro to Program 2) Tonights Program is Part 1 of the report from the Canadian Senate on the Canadian Banking System , the world Eccomony and the IMF report . 3 ) The playing of Part 1 on Banking 4 )Finnal comments 5) Colsing... more

1) Program introduction 2) Our tonight program is Part 3 of the interview with Phil Donahue on Reality Asserts it Self. The subject of the interview is" Whistle blowers , dissenters and progressives are patriots" . 3) playing part 3 of the... more

1 ) Program intro 2) The program tonight is part 2 of the interview with Phil Donahue on Reality Asserts its Self . 3) Playing of part 2 4) Music break 5) Finnal Comments 6) The colsing Music , the them song of O Canada

!) program intro 2) This is Part 1 of a interveiw with Phil donahue from the Real News Network . 3 ) the playing of Part 1 4) My closing Comments 5) Closing song , O Canada them song

1) Program intro 2) Our program to night will be the finnal Interview with Germain Ecomonist Heiner Flassbeck on Reality Asserts its self. The subject of the Interview is Capitalism will hit the Wall again , hard. 3 ) the playing of Part 5 6)... more
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