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1) We will be broadcasting news information that is not on the main stream news networks. 2) We will be doing investigative reports on subjects of importance. 3) I am also looking for a CO-Host to work with me on programs. This is the list of the subjects I want to do programs on: -The debt money system -How the banking system works -What fractional reserve banking is. -How the private banks create electronic money through loaning money. -History of banking and money. -7 myths about the federal reserve banking system. -Fixing the debt problem in government budgets. -The need to issues debt free money into the system. -History of manipulation of governments through the banking system. -Putting people to work with government money instead of welfare payments. If you have information to send me about these subjects send me a message . If you what to call in to my program let me know and we can setup a time and date so we can meet live on my program. Contact information is PTEDWARD@AOL.COM If you need to chat with me about things my Skype address is Edward707_2

On-Demand Episodes

1) Program intro 2) This program is a replay from Trunews about the North Korea Sistuation . - Trunews is a independent Christian News program that seeks to share the TRUTH what is going on in the politcal world with spiritual insites .... more

1) Program intro 2) Report from CBC NEWS . Press report from the Governer of the Bank of Canada. Note : the content of the report will be from CBC News . http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/994161731905 3) Reaction to rasing the Bank of... more

1) Program Intro 2) This is Part 2 of the Interview with Neil Howe on TruNews . He has written a book called " The Fourth Turning " with is a study of the Cycles in History from 5 AD to the present time . 3) He explains that we at... more

1) program intro 2) This program is about a interview by Trunews of Niel Howe on his studys of Cycles in history . He talks about Eccomonic , Social , Poltical and Spirtual awaking cycles of history . 3) He is warring that we are at the start of... more

1) Program Intro 2) This program is about a interview of Jim Willie on Trunews on the world Eccomony . - He talks about how Itay will leave the EU and run there ecoomony on there own money not the Euro . - And that other EU nations will do... more

1) Intro to my Program 2) This is a interview by Tru-News of Trends Research on past and future political -Eccomomic Cycles. he expose the fact that the Mass media are liers and expose what oboma is really about . He says we will have... more

1) Program intro 2) This is a program from TruNews on Dec 19th about the Assaination of the Russian Diplomate to Turkey and how the Trunews team belives it was Obama action against Russian for interferning with the US... more

1) Program intro 2) This is a disscusion between KENNTH ROTH and STEPHEN F COHEN on a Democracy now program on Dec 14th /16 . 3) - KENNETH ROTH is from Human Rights Watch . - Stephen F Cohen is from New... more

1) Program intro 2) This is a report from TRUNEWS about the CIA and if they are puting out infomation to stop Trump from taking office because of there reports that Russia intergered with the US Election. He also exposes the mass... more

1) Intro to the Program 2) A report from the Real News as if the CIA report is true or not that Russia Hacked the DNC Compter to expose Hilary in the Election to help Truimp win the election . 3) In the interview they talk about the fact that NO... more
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