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  • EDWEB.NET: EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION "Napinars" & Book Chats with Gryphon House

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    "Napinars" and Book Chats with Gryphon House
    Edweb.net Founder Lisa Schmucki brings us Anna Wilmoth of Gryphon House about their unique take on engaging early childhood educators

  • 15 Laws: Law of Environment

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    Growth Thrives in Conducive Surroundings....Really?
    Join Dr. Sharon Johnson in the Empowerment Environment on the Comtivate Show.. If we want to reach our potential, we must be in the right environment. That's usually requires us to make changes in our lives.  
    Whether you are a success or failure in life has little to do with your circumstances; it has much to do with your choices.  
    The main idea is to know yourself and assess whether you're getting what you need in your current environment. If you are, celebrate. If you're not, prepare yourself to make some hard choices.  
    Connect with Dr. Sharon at http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/sharonjohnson or http://www.comtivate.com or call 954-802-8515.  
    Stay Motivated


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         THOR is fully aware of the sensitive nature of the Child Support and Child Protective Services. Indeed THOR is a proponent of both Mother and Father supporting their sons and daughters collectively. However THOR also is no stranger to the fact that the State, Federal Government, Law Enforcement and Private for Profit Agencies rake in billions of dollars in "profits" under the deceptive banner of care for the children.
          The recent cold blooded killing of the Asiatic (so called Blackman) in North Charleston South Carolina, where the Police Officer (Caucasion) shot at a man eight times (hitting him 5 times) killing him dead, has brought this subject matter to surface. It was discovered the man Walter Scott 50 years old may have fled the traffic stop due to owing 18k in back Child Support resulting in multiple outstanding Warrants.
          This incident has caused THOR to revisit this Child Support Scam and to expose the Racket for what it is, what is does, and wnat it results in for both the Mother, Father, and son, daughter. Make no mistake about it, this is a Revenue, Profit generating Racketeering scam that leads to forced Imprisonment for the Weak and Poor, and Discrimination amongst other things. The corporations involved are in many cases mere debt collectors, creating its own debts, and acting as Creditors when they are not.
           The most destructive of the entire scam is the wedge it places in between the American Family perpetuated by the State and Federal Government for the sole purpose of MONEY.  

  • Cri Du Chat "Cry of the Cat"- James Dickniete

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    James Dickniete returns to further discuss Cri Du Chat Syndrome in his family, some of the organizations to contact and upcoming events.
    http://www.criduchat.org/index.php/resources/organizations/   International Cri Du Chat Organization
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/385907554759706/  5P- Society/Cri Du Chat
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Child-Care-Fusion/259172294288279?ref=hl Child Care Fusion

  • Wealthmoney radio Show

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    Byron Dale and Greg Soderberg explained the difference between a debt-based money system and a wealth-based money system. they also explained the consequences of using a debt-based money system.  on the show we also explained what the root most all the problems that we have in this nation and the solution we need to implement to solve the problems.

  • Knoware In Time ~ Michael Mcclain and Anastasia

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    Mike Mcclain has become a legend in the world of “no-namers” because of his success in showing the system that it does not own humanity and that without a LEGAL NAME, it has no authority over the living man and woman. See this video for the full story.
     In addition to this, Michael has many stories and many insights. One of the things I really enjoy hearing him talk about and explain what he sees from his perspective, is the Anastasia books. Here is what is said about these books on the Anastasia website:
    “Nothing can really prepare you for the amazing journey you are about to take in these 9 books.  And once you start — there’s no stopping!  Get ready for the most mind-blowing read of your life!
    These books have an “mysterious energy” encoded in the pattern and rhythm of the words that will begin resonating deep within your being and re-open the doors to a world you have likely long forgotten!   Your life is about to change—forever—and we mean in a really amazing way!
    Prepare to meet the purest, happiest and most powerful person alive today! “
    Join me and Michael in an exploration of what it is to be purely human.

  • Your Health Your Way - With Dr. Sijo "Plants of Nibiru"

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    Join Success Unlimited Radio as we interview Dr. Sijo Baldwin and discuss a topic that You Can Have Your Way "Your Health". We will talk about the importannce of Healing The Entire Body. Dr. Sijo will share his 30+ years of study of Holistic Health & Wellness. Make changes now to step into the right direction of healthy living.
    Dr. Sijo Baldwin is a Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Master of Martial Arts, etc. He has written books such as Heal Thy Damn Self, Crimes On Humanity, and so much more!!!

  • Nothing But Elijah

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    CROE presents the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

  • High Vibrations/Beware of False Leaders!

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    Welcome to High Vibrations!!!
    Offering info on vibrations and its affect on us mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and on our health. We discuss topics ranging from hip-hop, culture, fashion, the foods we eat, people we allow around us and everyday life! We encourage our listeners to challenge themselves to think from a Higher Vibrational perspective on different topics that can add or hinder ones spiritual and physical growth.
    The topic and focus of this epsiode of HIGH VIBRATIONS is about truth/truth seekers and why we need to be aware of these False Leader amongst us. Let us look closer at the hidden message they are saying, critically. Are these old thought processes healthy? Please Join Us as we share info that will nourish the soul!!! Lets evolve into a better us!!! We must put these old programs under the microscope and elimate those thoughts that do not serve us! We have Mami Chi w/ Standing On the Square, Lady D with Numerology Unscripted & RaBKa w/ Health is Your Wealth!!! We Welcome you to join us on this journey of High Vibrations!! We thank everyone for your support!!! 
    Website High Vibrations Radio
    Plz Like our FB Page: facebook.com/highvibrationsradio follow us on BlogTalk!
    Essential Oils- mydoterra.com/mamichi

  • Spiritual World Sunday

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    Chime In With P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Networks
    ***Spiritual World Sundays***
    6:30pm CST / 7:30pm EST

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