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  • Paula Flowe's Sentence For Removing a 6-year-old from Child Protective Services

    in US Government

    What difference was made for American sons and daughters through the sentence received by Paula Flowe on April 14, 2015, for removing a six-year-old member of this population from the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS) on US government property?  
    Find out on Thursday, May 14, 2015 on America Speaks Blog Talk Radio during an interview between Paula Flowe and Bob Hanks*, Constitution activist, patriot, well-versed in: Arizona state law, child laws, Child Protective Services:  www.blogtalkradio.com/paula-flowe/2015/05/14/paula-flowes-sentence-for-removing-a-6-year-old-from-child-protective-services.
    Thank you.  The Hitting Stops Here! & AZ Op!**, www.TheHittingStopsHere.com  
    *More on Bob:  https://youtu.be/VZzy7NrYhi8
    **AZ Op! objectives posted in "Description" domain at:  www.facebook.com/events/466967946694771

  • Writing in Good Company in New Orleans — A Writing Retreat

    in Education

    You're invited to hear the story of the Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project's new design for an advanced summer institute. Guests Richard Louth, Kim Stafford, Susan Martens, and Tracy Cunningham will talk about what to expect at the writing retreat in July, "Writing in Good Company in New Orleans." The retreat will include writing in the company of others during a writing marathon, and writing in response groups and with literary figures of the city like Faulkner and Williams.

  • NHA in the Workplace - An Infusion of Greatness

    in Education

    Howard Glasser and Catherine Stafford will be joined by guest, Peggy Archuleta, RN, Education Specialist, for our May 15th podcast.
    Peggy Archuleta began her nursing career in 1992 and worked extensively with cancer patients in the hospital setting before going into nursing management in 2005.  In 2008,  Peggy transitioned into the role of Clinical Education Specialist.  In September 2014 she fulfilled her long-time dream of becoming a full-time diabetes educator and teaching patients health promoting behaviors.  Peggy was introduced to the Nurtured Heart Approach several years ago and shortly thereafter sought certification.  Following certification in the NHA, Peggy then began to seek ways to bring NHA to the hospital system she works for.

  • WTF? - w/Kevin A. Phillips -

    in Education

    Join Kevin and the Marvelous Maggie tonight...

  • Sisters Standing On Law

    in Education

    Join us Sunday 17 May 1435 MC [2015 CCY] @ 1:00pm as MHHS Eyes Wide Open presents Sisters Standing On Law Class #23 as we discuss:
    Candid discussion with Sisters about Sisters
    We will discuss with Sisters the issue at hand. Taking your place amongst the affairs of Man. The time is NOW to stand up!!!
    We trust that you will listen, absorb into your Hearts, and participate as we all participate in uplifting ourselves and fallen humanity.
    We must activate our voice with law and speak with our Writs!!!
    Listen via the internet at www.blogtalkradio.com/mhhs-eyeswideopen, or call 347-945-5899, Press '1' to speak to the Host and for those listening via the Internet, the Chat Room will be open immediately.
    Remember to check us out on Facebook:
    https://www.facebook.com/MHHSEyesWideOpen, and please select like. Also we are also on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MHHSEyesWideOpn
    Please also send us an email @ mhhseyeswideopen@gmail.com so we can compile an email list for blitzing and also send us emails with the appellation, Corporate State and/or county along with ransom amount for any Moor who has been kidnapped and is currently being held hostage.
    Thank you, this is greatly appreciated. We here at Moor Heritage and History School Eyes Wide Open thank you for coming together so that we may together be uplifted.
    Moors Heritage & History School in association with RVBey Publications, Moorish Nation Public Records, Moorish News

  • Spiritual World Sunday

    in Education

    Chime In With P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Networks
    ***Spiritual World Sundays***
    6:30pm CST / 7:30pm EST

  • Another Fork in the Road: Juliet Madsen, Brain Injur Survivor, USA Troop

    in Education

    Every TBI survivor and caregiver has encountered a fork in the road that has diverted his or her life-plan. A car accident, a fall from the roof, doing one more chin-up, an IED blast, or a door literally slamming one in the face are just some causes of traumatic brain injury. College, walking down the aisle in the perfect dress, or the coveted job quickly slips from reality as dreams turn to struggle. These unexpected life-happenings that divert one from his or her chosen path in life can be devastating.
    But as Yogi Berra once said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Life is all about choices! To learn more about me, please visit my blogs. Survivng Traumatic Brain Injury Blog: survivingtraumaticbraininjury.com Donna's Blog: donnaodonnellfigurski.wordpress.com

  • SWU - Our Frustration Stops Us from Being an Inspiration

    in Education

    We use too much energy for negativity towards each other instead of using positive energy to build each other. Often times we forget that each person have the right to have an independent opinion without fear of being attacked because others disagree.  We need to stop, listen, and simplify what it is that we have heard. Often we are quick to respond to what is being said instead of letting it marinate in our spirit. Maybe the words are needed to feed the soul/spirit yet we are quick to reject that which we fail to recognize or thought of first. Once we get away from our own EGO’s (Everyone’s Greatest Obstacle) or PRIDE (Personal Reasoning inside Dividing Everyone) we may see things differently. So ask yourself what is more important, PRIDE/EGO or acknowledging everyone have their own feelings? Can you aceept Personal Responsibility of how you treat others?

  • 02:59

    La Segunda Venida De Cristo: Una Invasión Angelical Pt. 3

    in Education

    ¿Sabía usted que la gente indígena de América Latina son algunas de las 12 Tribus de Israel? Examinando, históricamente, los pueblos de América Latina, muchas cuestiones de origen y de la historia pre-colonial se traen para emerger en uno de los asuntos más polémicos de nuestro tiempo moderno. De hecho, durante los siglos 15 a 18 este era el tema más extenso posible investigado de la época. ¿Quiénes son los pueblos antiguos de Las Américas? Obligados por los sucesos actuales de la era, tales como la conquista de cada civilización de todo el continente y las islas y la esclavización de cada una y la importación y venta de esclavos "Africanos", los eruditas principales de Europa y los investigadores antropológicos concluyeron que la gente de Las Américas no era ninguna otra que algunas de las 12 TRIBUS DEL ANTIGUO PUEBLO DE ISRAEL. Esta conclusión se basó en las profecías bíblicas hechas en contra a los antiguos Israelitas si no obedecieran las leyes de Dios entregadas al pueblo por el profeta Moisés. El objetivo de este sitio es de convencer al visitante, por medio de las emisiones de nuestro programa, "APOCALIPSIS AFRO-LATINO", en que utilizamos la lectura de la SANTA BIBLIA como la fuente informativa principal, que la gente hoy día conocida como "Latino-Americanos", "Indígenas", "Indios", "Morenos", "Negros", "Caribeños", etc. son la descendencia de LAS 12 TRIBUS DEL ANTIGUO PUEBLO DE ISRAEL

  • Putting the Muse in Museum: Enriching Instruction Using Museum Resources

    in Education

    Putting the Muse in Museum: Enriching instruction using museum resources
    Stay tuned for more information!
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