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  • Episode 1181: Larry Conley Radio Show

    in Training

    -23 year veteran of the St. Louis Fire Department -Captain of Truck Company 13
    -Chief Instructor, Firefighter 1&2 course St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
    -Director at Large ISFSI (International Society of Fire Service Instructors)
    -Co-Chairman Fire Education sub committee Missouri Community College Association
    -Camp Director Missouri Children's Burn Camp
    -Faculty Presenter Expert Online Training (expertonlinetraining.com)
    -Board Member and Supervisory Committee Chairman St. Louis Firefighters Credit Union
    -President/Founder Leadership Development Concepts, LLC (specializing in personal leadership training)
    -Married with 4 children

  • New Conscious Monday

    in Education

    New Conscious Monday's
    6:30pm / CST 7:30pm EST
    **Being Aware**

  • Corrections Counseling - The Mentally Ill Offender

    in Training

    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will be reviewing how jails and prisons across this country have become the nation's mental health services providers. This refers to the "criminalization of the mentally ill" due to a growing trend where it is found by local government to be expedient and cost-effective to process those with serious mental disorders through the criminal justice system instead of community-based treatment or psychiatric hospitals. There are at least 300% more mentally ill people in our jails and prisons than in mental health hospitals. When you examine where they are you will find many are in urban jails (Human Rights Watch, 2003). Using Albert Robert's work entitled "Correctional Counseling and Treatment" as the core of this discussion we will examine the mentally ill offender, their treatment, and the prison group counseling most often used. 

  • Neil Haley Interviews Award Winning Author Sandra Miller Linhart

    in Education

    In 2005, Sandra Miller Linhart's deployment picture book, Daddy's Boots, was awarded The Dixie Lee Connor Award for Best Children's or YA Manuscript, which eventually led to a publishing contract. Soon after, Sandra's chapter book mystery/adventure series, The Elementary Adventures of Jones, JEEP, Buck and Blue, won the Bronze-equivalent at the 2009 Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) Conference. In 2010, Daddy's Boots and Momma's Boots shared the 1st place, Gold Medal Award at Branson Days, Branson Stars & Flags Book Awards in Branson, MO. The same year, Daddy's Boots was awarded the Silver, and Momma's Boots awarded the Bronze at MWSA's 2010 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. In July 2010, MWSA named Daddy's Boots their Book of the Month. In 2011, The Elementary Adventures of Jones, JEEP, Buck & Blue took 2nd place at the Stars & Flag Book Awards in Branson, MO, during Branson Days. Pickysaurus Mac was awarded the Silver Medal at 2013 MWSA writer's conference in Dayton, OH. At the 2014 MWSA Conference in Phoenix, AZ, her picture book, Mixed Up took the Silver award in the Children's Books Under 12 category..  Her new book, Don't Label Me, just won a first place award from the Authors' Zone. 
    Visit Sandra at http://www.smlinhart.com/ 

  • Neil Haley Interviews Award-Winning Journalist Eric Poole

    in Education

    Eric Poole felt strongly about writing his book, Company of Heroes.  Here is a synopsis:On May 10, 1970, during the Cambodian Incursion, Army Specialist Leslie Sabo Jr., 22-years old, married only 30 days before shipping out and on active duty for just 6 months, died as his patrol was ambushed near a remote border area of Cambodia. When an enemy grenade landed near a wounded comrade, Sabo used his body to shield the soldier from the blast. Despite being mortally injured, he crawled towards the enemy emplacement and threw a grenade into the bunker. The explosion silenced the enemy fire, but also ended Sabo's life. This attack by North Vietnamese troops killed eight of Sabo's fellow soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division and would come to be known as the "Mother's Day Ambush." Sabo's commanders nominated him for the Medal of Honor, but the request was somehow lost. A campaign to correct the oversight began in 1999, ultimately leading to legislation that eliminated the three-year time limit on awarding this medal.   Forty-two years after his selfless acts of heroism during the Vietnam War saved the lives of his fellow soldiers; Leslie H. Sabo Jr. posthumously received the Medal of Honor on May 16, 2012.   Using military records and interviews with surviving soldiers, journalist Eric Poole recreates the terror of combat amidst the jungles and rice paddies as Bravo Company 3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne forged bonds of brotherhood in their battle for survival. Company of Heroes offers an insight into the incredible and harrowing experiences of just a small number of men from a single unit, deep in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Best Practices for Yoga In Schools

    in Education

    Want to bring yoga to your school? Don't know where to start? Join us to learn best practices for a safe, effective school based yoga program.
    We chat with Jennifer Cohen Harper, one of the editors of the newly published Best Practices for Yoga in Schools. 
    Based on the collective wisdom and experience of 23 contributors this guide supports all who desire to help students thrive.

  • Episode 1182: Street Smart Shop Talk

    in Training

    Whether you are from “the sticks” or “the bricks”, discuss the latest topics in the fire service with the crew of S.A.F.E. Firefighter, LLC.   We’ll talk about how strategies, tactics and current events effect YOU on the fireground.   We want you to be a “Smart, Aggressive, Fundamental & Efficient” firefighter. “Get It Done. No Excuses.” Matt McDowell is a Captain with the Bluffton Township Fire District, Instructor for the South Carolina Fire Academy, President of the Lowcountry FOOLS and Owner of Safe Firefighter, LLC. He holds a degree in Fire Administration and has previously served as Training Officer for Hardeeville Fire Department in South Carolina and Firefighter for the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  

  • Episode 178 - Open Discussion and Q&A (12/08/15)

    in Education

    Open Discussion and Q&A regarding credit reports, debt collectors, unwanted calls, credit card debt, and foreclosure related issues. Call in and feel free to ask any questions about your specific situation(s).
    Become a member to have access to our entire library of related information, along with access to the moderators via the members forum and live members only webinars. Go to http://www.whatliesinyourdebt.com and "Join Now"!
    debt, credit card debt, credit reports, credit report repair, debt collectors, collection calls, debt collection calls, foreclosure, stopping foreclosure

  • Principals Of Nationality In Action

    in Education

    Principals Of Nationality In Action - TBA

  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice – Experimental and Quasi-Experimental

    in Training

    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will review the work of Dr. Peter Kraska and Dr. W. Lawrence Neuman and their excellent textbook entitled “Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods” (2012, 2nd ed.).  Experiments are common and credible for developing and testing theory. Crime and justice research is used to make justice "smarter" these days and more effective so we better know how to solve today's problems. We call this "applied research". Experiments help to both evaluate criminal justice and crime control practices as well as develop causal laws. This seminar bridges from talking about experiments and their usefulness to a discussion about Kraska and Neuman's "Eight Principles for Assessing Feasibility of Crime and Justice Experiments" so you can better figure out if you are prepared enough to do any research at all given your circumstances and the tools available. 

  • Double Feature Broadcast - The Racial Truth About Our Schools

    in Education

    Join us for a special double feature broadcast.  On December 9, our special guests will be Dr. Gary Orfeld of the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles and Ms. Abby Norman, Guest Writer for the Huffington Post and Public School Teacher.  During the first half hour, we will talk with Dr. Orfield about the status of the desegregation efforts as a matter of public policy in the United States.  We will also discuss trends and future expectations as well as public concern over our public schools. And in the 2nd half hour, we will hear from Abby in her reflections on teaching in "black" schools and what she has learned as a white educator.  She has published two thought-provoking articles in the Huffington Post that are sure to stir emotions.
    Gary Orfield is Distinguished Research Professor of Education, Law, Political Science and Urban Planning at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Orfield's research interests are in the study of civil rights, education policy, urban policy, and minority opportunity. He was co-founder and director of the Harvard Civil Rights Project, and now serves as co-director of the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles at UCLA. 
    Abby Norman lives in the city of Atlanta. By day she teaches in a suburban school, and by night mothers her two daughters in partnership with her husband. She has taught in a variety of schools and has witnessed first hand the inequality of education in America. She is currently seeking representation for her book about being a failing teacher at a failing school. 
    Join us - Call In - Be The Discourse.  December 9: (2 - 3pm) EST.

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