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  • Women Of Excellence Uniting For Change

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    Join P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Networks With Wednesday's Women Uniting For Change / Where We Strive To Encourage, Strengthen And Uplift One Another ......... While Implementing The 6 Steps To Peace As Change Evolves, 6:30pm Central / 7:30pm Eastern Times....... By Dialing 7139550708

  • Wednesday update show with Drake and your host Thomas Williams

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    Wednesday July 1ST update show with Drake and your host Thomas Williams

  • America is a negro shooting gallery ...

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    A negro os Shot down every 28 hours in america join me and astro black how can we stop this phenomena and protect our people and our interest ...

  • Deanna Spingola - The Holocaust and The Forbidden Perspective

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    Tonight Deanna Spingola returns to the show.
    Deanna is an author, researcher and radio host. She investigates government and corporate corruption as it relates to the faltering liberties of American citizens and the war-targeted populations of other countries. And as you will hear in this interview – she does not shy away from controversial issues.
    The topic of this show will deal with the Deanna’s extensive research into the Holocaust and specifically whether the number of 6 million Jews is real and if it’s not real then where did it come from.
    For many, much of what you will hear in this show will be controversial and for some very controversial because this is a version of history you have never been taught or been made aware of. It is, for all intents and purposes, forbidden knowledge. I encourage everyone to listen with an open mind as we recall the words of Winston Churchill; “History is written by the victors.”
    http://spingola.com/ http://www.sageofquay.com/

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    Joan Benedict Steiger Talks About Her Book and Rod Steiger

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Joan Benedict Steiger.
     Even after a prolific career spanning stage, screen, and television – and inspiring romances with three devoted men – the veteran actress still finds each role a new challenge to experience and new terrain to explore.
    A dancer from childhood, Joan forged a career in show business as an actress in the early days of television, where she made notable appearances on shows like the original “Candid Camera” and “The Steve Allen Show.”  Dozens of television and film appearances later, including memorable stints on “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives,” she’s still dedicated to all facets of her craft, having appeared in numerous stage productions, from the classics to modern comedies to her acclaimed solo shows (“Leona,” about Leona Helmsley, and her autobiographical “The Loves of My Life.”) 
    Off-screen, Joan’s life has been equally charmed.  Her first husband was stage veteran John Myhers, with whom Joan spent thirty years before his passing.  Then, Joan was reunited with Academy Award-winning actor Rod Steiger; the two had known each other when Joan was a star-struck ingénue and Steiger the industry’s hottest young performer.  Now, decades later, their romance was rekindled, and the couple married, working together and supporting each other until the actor’s death in 2002.  Then Joan fell in love with veteran television actor Jeremy Slate, and the two spent several years together before his death.  “They all passed away from different forms of cancer, so it’s bittersweet,” says a pensive Joan today.  “But they were three of the greatest guys in the world.”


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    FOLLETT presents  Jerry Maze, Executive Director of Texas' Education Service Center 12 in Waco & President Elect of AESA ...and... AESA Past President , from the Apple Capitol of the USA Wenatchee WA, Rich McBride

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    NFL Arizona Cardinal Mike Leach

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will Interview Mike Leach.
    Mike and Julie Leach are the co- founders and owners of Potty Pals, which they developed while they were potty training their own children. Since they couldn’t find a product on the market that made the process simple for parents and fun for kids, they tackled the problem head on and developed their own multifaceted potty training system.
    Mike and Julie met at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, where both were standout athletes. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history and went on to play in the
    NFL. He was signed by the Tennessee Titans and played with the Denver Broncos before joining the Arizona Cardinals in 2009, where he currently plays.
    A basketball standout at the College of William & Mary, Julie was recognized her senior year as a GTE Academic All-American and earned a Bachelor of Arts in government. She then went on to have a successful career in pharmaceutical sales and later graduated with honors from Regis University with a Master of Business Administration.
    Potty Pals is Mike and Julie’s first foray into the consumer products market. The couple currently lives in Chandler, Arizona with their two children. 


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  • National Agenda with savage-el; WAKE UP CALL ~ ~ WAKE THE ?#@% UP...

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    A Gentile slave does not have the same status as a Hebrew slave, and is considered to be just one more asset of his master. This biblical position requires further analysis, as it is seemingly inconsistent with the overall view of the Scriptures, whereunder all mankind is considered to originate from the same first human being—therefore sharing his same rights and obligations. In Genesis 9:25 we read that slavery is established by men. Noah curses Canaan, his grandson, saying that the lowest of slaves shall he be to his brothers. This seems to be the beginning of slavery—a result of human action. God’s subsequent laws only came to regulate what had already been done by men. There is extensive bibliography on this subject[3].
    There are two very significant laws in the Scriptures regarding slavery

  • African Ancestry Revealed

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    On today's morning show I will be conversing with President and Co Founder Gina Paige of African Ancestry. I will be getting my Test Results back on where my maternal and paternal parents are from. So I can finally teach my future children, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. new languages and cultures of our African Diaspora. 


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    DECREE & IT SHALL BE: The Power of the Spoken Word comes to life with the teachings & inspiration of Host, Brother Francis Revels-Bey. As a Spiritual Minister, Metaphysician, Mentor, Spiritual Practitioner and Chief Principle Teacher & Founder of his spiritual & metaphysical ministry: “Circle of Grace 1” and his metaphysical & spiritual institute: “The Circle of Divine Grace & Remembrance”, with over 40 years of teaching Numerology & the Power of Numbers, Manifestation, White Light Meditation, Tarot, Dream Analysis, the Art of Prayers, Affirmations & Decrees, Brother Francis provides all of this knowledge and so much more. JOIN US to lift your power with your Spoken Word.

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