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    AMANSEM: Affairs of the Nation - HAPI-MERIT and Black Swan Life

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    AMANSEM: Affairs of the Nation - HAPI-MERIT and Black Swan Life
    In this first broadcast of our year of 13018 we discuss the cosmological foundation of our upcoming HAPI-MERIT Training, Cultural and Religious retreat. We also examine the cosmological foundation of our #Blackswanlife movement. 
    Black Swan Life 
    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 
    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 
    Akwamu Nation in North America 

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    Distinguished Alumni Award

    in School

    With a more than 50 year history including both Saint Viator and Sacred Heart of Mary High Schools, and more than 14,000 alumni, there are many graduates who have gone on to incredible careers. Each year, the school selects several who have set an extraordinary example for current students and recognizes them as Distinguished Alumni. Join Director of Development Tom Ramsden for this overview of the program and how you can get involved.

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    School Law Today - Special Education from Different Perspectives

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    As a board, you may be faced with many challenges in providing programs for students of special needs.  You may even face legal challenges to special education decisions. Is there a way in which the district and parents can work together in addressing the educational needs of students with special needs?   Please join NJSBA host Ray Pinney as he discusses these issues and others with - Philip E. Stern, Esq., DiFrancesco Bateman Kunzman Davis Lehrer & Flaum, PC, an attorney who represents school districts and Staci Greenwald, Esq., Sussan, Greenwald and Wesler, an attorney who represents parents and students. As they discuss how districts and parents can work together to provide the most appropriate educational plan for students with special needs.

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    Konscious Vibes Presents Taj Tarik Bey "The Over Throw Of The Republic"

    in Higher Education

    Konscious Vibes with host Rahme'el El Bey Presents Taj Tarik Bey "The Over Throw of the Republic"

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    Ep 265 - Jenni Aguilar: Evolution is Smarter Than You

    in Education

    Ever since we had Jon Aguilar on the show back in Episode 251, Jon has been telling me I had to have his very brilliant wife on. And so, while driving back from a friend's wedding, I stopped by Casa Aguilar in Santa Barbara and started a conversation with Jenni Aguilar. Hours later, I understood why Jon felt so strongly that that I should talk to Jenni. Coming from an entirely different angle, she had reached many of the same conclusions as I had. For me, the arrival at evolutionary thinking and a desire to mix the mental arts had come from a desire to make sense of the cultures of the world. For Jenni, the emotional driver was something much more primal: her child was hurting. After a series of traumatic brain injuries, Jenni scrambled around the available science looking for anything that might help her son. In the tradition of Lorenzo's Oil, that tremendously strong emotional experience drove her to overcome intimidation, impenetrable medical jargon and assumptions about what was medically possible. The result is that today you would never know there was anything wrong with her son. In the end, what Jenni has done, what Katie and I did with The Straight-A Conspiracy and what many of the authors who have contributed to Mixed Mental Arts is to take pieces of fractured science and made kintsugi. They have filled in the cracks with gold. In the end though, the efforts of a handful of humans are nothing compared to what the evolutionary efforts of many Mixed Mental Artists can do testing these ideas against each other and against reality. Why? Because evolutionary processes are way smarter than individual humans. Once you accept that, then you approach evolutions' solutions with an appropriate humility, try to understand what evolution has done and figure out how to work with it. A prime example of that is aligning your body in a way that supports childbirth.

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    The Rich Report

    in Homeschooling

    It's a proven fact.  Indigenous Negro Indians are the funniest people on the planet.  Our comedy, in all forms, has influenced people and cultures the world over for over a century.  Here in America, the comedy of Indigenous Negroes provides the backbone for American culture.  It was in the Vaudeville era that we officially took over the comedy culture.  However, with the commercialization of comedy through show business, our comedic genius has been controlled by our oppressors.  But Negro comedy is stronger than ever.  It's in the DNA of everyday sisters and brothers, not just comedians.  Some of the funniest people you know you probably grew up with or work with.  Join me as we lighten the mood this week as I give you an oral history of comedy, and give you some downhome Negro humor.  563-999-3442 is the call-in number for the show. (Press 1 for a question/comment)  Join me and let's dialogue!

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    The Future of Green is Blue. W/ Luis Martin del Campo

    in Higher Education

    On the premier episode of The Futurists, Ben and Alex will be interviewing Luis Martin del Campo out of Mexico about The Blue Economy. The idea of a "blue economy" takes the green culture a step or two further, in a way that will actually create regenerative impact on a global scale.
    This is an important and popular topic right now for a good reason. The planet is screaming for it. Call in with questions. Bio: Bios for Ben and Alex in radio show's description. 
    Luis Alberto Martin del Campo Gomez: Luis is a leader and entrepreneur in sustainable and social impact, and a prominent writer and speaker on sustainable futurism and human nature. His personal mission is to transform the way we relate to each other and our planetary home by making what is best for people and nature accesible to all. While finishing college he founded the first Blue Economy company in Mexico (Sporah), inspired by Gunter Pauli, author of The Blue Economy. In 2014 he wrote The Dream of Mexico in 2034, proposing an achievable vision of a society in harmony, for Mexico, and by analogy the world. In 2015 he co-founded Katamba with a talented team to redesign education with a holistic model to develop student´s unique talents and a new Human Operating System. He currently lives in Cancun, Mexico, plays the drums and enjoys training body and mind by the sea. 
    You can read some of his stuff at https://medium.com/@luis.mdc And you can reach Luis at luis@sporah.mx
    See more of his work at www.luismartindelcampo.net
    If you want to see a vision of what a more sustainable and evolved society could look like click on through to read Mexico 2034! http://www.amazon.com.mx/dp/B01IOBJE6C 

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    Significance of the Papal Decree

    in Education

    The guest of the Friends of LIberty Radio Show will be Karl Meyers who will be discussing the significance of the Papal Decree issued by Pope Francis on July 11, 2013. This show promises to provide knowledge that will provide a great deal of hope and optimism for mankind. The show is schedule for 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Call in and speak to the host at 1(347) 884-9499

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    GPS my Rattlesnake with Alexander Griffin Bentley

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    Alexander Griffin Bentley returns to Herpin' Time Radio to talk about a very exciting project that he is involved with that will be using GPS technology to track the movements of timber rattlesnakes.
    Check out the video describing this project here:
    You can visit the website or donate to the project here:
    You can listen to our previous episode with Alexander Griffin Bentley here:

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